It's almost here! The time to re-watch the entire series of Lost is only 10 days away! On September 22, for anyone who is participating in the re-watch, we will be watching Pilot Part 1!

Now, if anyone here is extremely good at how the Wiki's work and you know how to help set something like this up, please just send me a message on my talk page so we can set this up together as perfectly as possible :)

Unfortunately I actually won't be here the day we watch Pilot Part 1 :( I'll be on a school trip, so if you're wondering why I didn't discuss anything after Pilot Part 1 after you watch it, there's the answer.

Again, if anyone on here knows how to use these Wikis really well please send me a message on my talk page :)

Thank-you and I hope everyone enjoys The Great Lost Re-Watch!!! For more information on it (if you missed any past blogs) just send me a message on my talk page..Thanks! :)

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