I'm Back!

Crazy4lost September 3, 2011 User blog:Crazy4lost

Hello everyone,

I was once a hardcore heavy user of Lostpedia about two years ago. When the show ended, I began to wane last post was September 2010.

I was one of the last few from "that era" along with Celebok, Station7, BalkofFame.. i say this because I hope these people will see this post and remember me, because i remember them! And to new users, I say hello :)

The website is all different now so I didn't know how to chat or send a message to these people so I made a blog post...sorry if I went against any new rules on blog posts or anything

Anyways, I will be checking this everyday now and could someone catch me up as to what the site does now ? How is the rewatch going ?

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