For those of you who have not seen my original post, I wanted to do some sort of annual rewatch here on Lostpedia to get people back into actually watching and discussing the show, also to keep Lost alive.

I propose 4 episodes a week for Season 1 - 5. In Season 6 we would do 2 episodes a week, since it's so full of rich mythology. We would start on Sunday, September 27, 2010. If we do 4 episodes a week then we would be done season 5 roughly around Mid-March 2011. 2 Episodes a week for Season 6 after that would bring us to a conclusion of the series in Mid-May, like when Lost would normally end.

We would watch episodes from Sunday to Friday, then discuss on Saturday.

We could do this as an annual tradition where we watch Lost every autumn to spring, like pretty much every prime-time show.

What do you guys think?

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