I'm always finding things to do in the 25 week wait, read my post about 5 polls down and you'll see some examples. But, on a different note, what shows is everyone watching in the fall schedule before Lost's spring schedule.

I'll be watching:

Heroes - It was excellent Season 1, okay in Season 2, pretty good in Season 3, but for some reason the ratings are really low. Like come on there are shows that don't even match Heroes in ratings, yet those are still on the air. Heroes amy not be great, but it's what you find on an average show. I have a feeling this is it's last season too.

Fringe - I LOVE Fringe. I watched Season 1 online before the finale on tv. When Lost is over this will be my new obsession :)

Flashforward - I can't WAIT for this!!! It looks awesome and very Lost-like. And it has DOMINIC!!!!

So there's my Monday's, Tuesday's, and hopefully Thursday's for tv.

How bout everyone else?

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