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    What Do We Watch Now?

    September 8, 2015 by Crazy4lost

    So, it's been over five years since Lost bowed from our screens, but I'm still searching for something that fills the void at least somewhat. Fringe came extremely close, and I ended up loving it so much that it deserved it's own rank alongside Lost. Breaking Bad was absolutely amazing, particularly in its last two seasons, but it's been off the air for two years now. Rick and Morty is totally incredible, but it still doesn't quite fill it. Twin Peaks may have been the closest thing to actually "replacing" Lost, and it might end up doing just that again when it comes back in 2017, but until then the search goes on.

    What are you guys all watching? Have you ever found something on par with Lost? Maybe we could all find a new show and marathon…

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    So, the finale aired 5 years ago today. Yup.

    It's just crazy, because it feels like yesterday. It also really does feel like the pinnacle moment for a lot of things. I was interested in how the television landscape would develop post-Lost, but it actually still feels like everything is an "epilogue" in comparison.

    Fringe was great, and since it began airing in 2008 held its own ground and voice. When it finished in 2013, that felt like the legitimate end to the voice of Lost on television. All of those little "Lost-ish" series (Flashforward, The Event) never took off. Community, which I know has no connection to Lost (other than their terrific allusion to it in the 2nd season christmas special) has a similar fanbase and cult following, and I…

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    So, a long long time ago, I developed a story that I thought I would finish. Turns out, I never did, but now I feel I have to. Here's the links to the first four parts, I hope you guys enjoy :) More will be coming soon...

    The Cork

    Episode 1 “Ammon”,_%22Ammon%22

    Episode 2 “Adam”,_Episode_2_%22Adam%22

    Episode 3 “Acceptance”,_Episode_3_%22Acceptance%22

    Episode 4 “Palaver”,_Episode_4_%22Palaver%22

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    I miss Lost.

    May 24, 2012 by Crazy4lost

    I miss this show so much.

    It's been two years, but it really still feels like yesterday it ended. Lost was everything to me, it's all I thought about, all I wanted to talk about, and watching it was all I wanted to do. Lost helped me through difficult times, it taught me the importance of forgiveness and mercy, it taught me how to accept death.

    Now, two years later, I can see and feel the absence of it on my life. I can't accept death anymore, and I can't watch the final 10 minutes of the series because I feel like I failed myself, letting myself slip back into my state before this show. This show taught me the most important things about life, and now after it being two years, after seeing where life is now, and where it's headed, I keep fe…

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    I'm Back!

    September 3, 2011 by Crazy4lost

    Hello everyone,

    I was once a hardcore heavy user of Lostpedia about two years ago. When the show ended, I began to wane last post was September 2010.

    I was one of the last few from "that era" along with Celebok, Station7, BalkofFame.. i say this because I hope these people will see this post and remember me, because i remember them! And to new users, I say hello :)

    The website is all different now so I didn't know how to chat or send a message to these people so I made a blog post...sorry if I went against any new rules on blog posts or anything

    Anyways, I will be checking this everyday now and could someone catch me up as to what the site does now ? How is the rewatch going ?

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