Hey! I'm trying to get people interested in my Fan Fiction. It's a side story to what's happening on the show. It can be read here. Just like the show, it's necessary to read every chapter to understand completely. Also, it's necessary to be familiar with the three Lost novels (Secret Identity, Endangered Species, and Signs of Life) and the video game episodes (Force Majeure, A New Day, Via Domus, Forty-Two, Hotel Persephone, Whatever It Takes, Worth a Thousand Words). However, reading the Lostpedia synosis of each of these would likely be sufficient knowledge. In addition to the Lostpedia articles of the novels and the video games, I have written a brief summary of what's happened during seasons 1-4 and the Lost Chronicles. It has three parts: Characters A-K, Characters L-Z, and Remaining Questions.

For season 5, at most, one chapter will be posted per week, because I won't always be able to write a new chapter if I don't know enough events on the Island. Anyway, enjoy! I would enjoy feedback from you. It can be posted on my user talk page or here.

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