On September 22, 2004, Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 crashed on a mysterious Island in the South Pacific. There are many aspects to this Island that make it particularly mysterious, including visions, dreams, science research stations, and a monster that appears to be made out of black smoke. A total of seventy-two people survived the crash. "LOST" is the story of many of these people. "Lost4Ever" is the story of another group of these people.

Story Summary


Art1c 3

The crash, as seen by the Others.

In the air above the Island, the plane broke apart into three pieces, landing on different spots on the Island, but in each situation the survivors banded together in the immediate aftermath, forming friendships.

The first day on the Island was filled with insanity, trying to save as many people as they could. On the first night, Dieter and two other survivors were kidnapped from the tail section, by some mysterious natives, who became known to the survivors as “The Others”. The day after their capture, they were told that if they cooperated, they would be allowed to join the Others.

DIETER - Dieter Kaiser was a German man who was no stranger to adversity. One day, while traveling on the train in Germany, it derailed and his wife died in the crash. Over the next several years, Dieter worked for the Chenchey Institute of Research as security detail until a certain task was given to him by his boss, Zoran Savo, that he couldn't follow through with.

As the survivors waited for rescue, Howard took some pictures with his camera, but often found mysterious apparitions in the photographs. These strange occurrences with his camera coincided with visions and dreams his fellow castaways were having.


Howard was a DHARMA baby.

HOWARD - Howard Zahn was born on the Island to parents who worked with the DHARMA Initiative. However, his father disappeared a couple weeks before his birth and his mother died shortly after he was born. He was then taken from the Island and raised in an orphanage. As a teenager, he given a photo of his parents and, later, as an adult, he started on a quest to find the DHARMA Initiative. His quest eventually led him back to the Island.

A few days after the crash, Amon, subconsciously worried about his son, ran off into the jungle and was captured by the Others, who began to question him about the survivors.

AMON - Amon Jefferson was the single father of boys after his wife died giving birth to the second son. While working on filming an episode of Exposé in Sydney, Amon broke his leg and finally decided to move to Australia with his brother, Eddie. That brought Amon to the point of flying to Los Angeles to get his belongings. However, the plane he chose to go to Los Angeles on was Flight 815.

5x02 Exposé logo

Amon guest starred on Expose.

The day after Amon’s capture, Verena, Howard, and Sophia got worried about him and went out to look for him. While looking for him, they encountered the Monster. In shock, Sophia was unable to force herself to run from the monster, but was spared her life.

SOPHIA - Sophia Golding was a timid girl who disliked her high school years, because of the way her classmates treated her. After graduating, she traveled to Australia to try to see the world, but eventually left when she heard her best friend had died. Leaving Australia on Flight 815 was what brought her to the Island.

The day after Sophia confronted the monster, she, Verena, and Howard went out to look for Amon again and, while stopping to get some rest, Howard found the DHARMA medical station. After comparing the symbol on the door to the DHARMA symbol he’d seen, Howard knew he’d found his birthplace, finally. Meanwhile, another one of the survivors was being permitted to go and live with the Others. His name was Ryder.


Sophia confronted the monster and lived.

RYDER - Ryder Goldman was a man who knew what he wanted out of life. He wanted to be together with the girl he’d fallen in love with as a child, but thanks to his poor decisions in choosing a career, he was never in one place long enough to be with her. Eventually, his numerous transfers put him on Flight 815, taking him to the Island, where he was found by the Others.

Still trying to find Amon, Howard, Verena, and Sophia tried going out into the jungle one more time. This time they were successful in finding him, though the Others had drugged him to lose his memory. On the other side of the Island, two of the tail sections survivors, Nancy and Zander, were getting to know each other better, after Zander found out that Nancy was his brother’s girlfriend.

ZANDER - Zander Wallace was a faithful Christian man. Though he had lost his mother as a child, he was able to accept it when his father remarried. As an adult, he went on humanitarian trip to the south Pacific. After the humanitarian mission was over, he went to Australia for a few days to see the sites. His flight home, Flight 815, landed him on the Island.

Dieter and the other two tail survivors, who had been captured, were soon able to move into the Barracks, where the Others lived. The first person they met there was Ryder. A few days later, Ryder got upset after re-reading a letter from his girlfriend. However, Ben, the leader of the Others, told him that his girlfriend, Dawn, had been on Flight 815 and would be joining them shortly.

DAWN - Dawn Williams was a girl who lost her mother when she was not quite four-years-old. As a little girl, she met Ryder and they dated in high school. However, after he decided to go work for his mother, she got upset and ended up moving to New York City with her father. Years later, she flew to Australia to visit him, only to find out that he had been transferred again, but with the help of Ryder’s step-brother, Robbie, she was able to get on Flight 815.

Ep3x02-Sawyer's Cage

Nine tail survivors were kept at the Hydra Station.

One night, shortly after Ben’s talk with Ryder, several Others visited the tail survivors’ camp and captured nine of them, including Dawn. After being captured, they were taken to one of the DHARMA stations for a week. During their captivity, Richard Alpert, one of the Others, talked to each of the captured survivors, starting with Nancy and Eli.

ELI - Eli Cullen was the fraternal twin brother of Kristi Cullen. Though he had advised her against it, Kristi married a man that had once bullied Eli, because she had become pregnant with his child. Years later, the marriage deteriorated. During that time, Eli worked at a newspaper, as his chosen career, but still trying to help his sister along the way. However, one of the stories he was assigned to sent him to Australia and the return flight took him to the Island.

At the survivors’ camp, while the tail survivors were captive, Lance went looking for fruit with his friend, Doug, one day. While looking for fruit, he saw a vision of his mother that told him to stop being mad at his step-mother.

LANCE - Lance Wallace was Zander’s brother and Nancy’s boyfriend. As a young boy, he discovered that the woman raising him was not his birth mother, but instead his step-mother. The concept was unbearable to him and he was never able to relate to his step-mother, because of that. In his adult life, he became a newspaper reporter alongside Nancy, Eli, and Doug and was sent to Australia with them to follow stories.

Around the same time that Lance saw the vision of his mother, Jeff went on a boar hunt with some of his fellow survivors. During the hunt, they encountered the monster. Soon after returning from the hunt, Jeff saw a vision of his girlfriend, Savannah, and learned of her death.

JEFF - Jeff Hadley was the victim of a split family. His parents divorced when he was very young and then, only a few months later, his dad died. As a result, he lived with his mother and her abusive husband. Eventually, he left that home and moved away to become an artist. Eventually, he got a job as an art professor where he met Savannah McCulloch, the girl he would fall in love with. However, unwilling to commit to a relationship, Jeff broke up with Savannah, both of them unaware that she was pregnant with his child. After breaking up, Jeff went on a lecture tour. On one flight during his tour, he crashed on the Island.

Around the time that Jeff saw the vision of Savannah, the tail survivors moved into the Barracks and Ryder married Dawn. Soon after that, Amon disappeared and was captured by the Others again. After finding out about his disappearance, Howard, Sophia, and Verena started searching for him again, but this time with the help of George and Faith.

FAITH - Faith Harrington was an environmentalist, motivated by the death of her sister. Faith studied snakes as a PhD student because she believed that snake venom might hold the secret to curing cancer, which had caused her sister’s death. However, she got distracted by the decision of her professor to ally himself with a group called Q-Corp, known for its disregard for the environment. In protesting her professor, she met Oscar and began dating him. However, once Oscar tried to kill her professor, she took a chance and ran for her life, ending up on Flight 815.

Around the time that Amon disappeared, Ryder and Dawn began talking about starting a family, but Ryder told her that pregnant women died on the Island, which meant they couldn’t start their family, as Dawn had hoped. At the survivors’ camp at the time, Claire had been kidnapped by Ethan. As a result, many survivors were frightened. Others, like Janelle, knew they had to stay in shape in case Ethan came back.

JANELLE - Janelle Granger was a woman who was beginning to get used to danger, after being assaulted two different times, both unprovoked. Her experiences left her so scarred that she couldn’t go anywhere without taking her gun along. The settlement from one of her assaults was used to pay for a trip to Australia with her friend, Joanna. However, on the return trip, she crashed on the Island.

One day, while going for a run, Janelle found Amon in the jungle, being drugged again. That same night, the survivors found Claire. Soon after, Janelle and Richard, while going for a run, found Locke and Boone excavating a hatch.

Ep219 Isaac

Richard visited Isaac to be healed.

RICHARD - Richard Duke was born mute, which he tried to adapt to in his twenty-three years of life, but could never quite manage to come to terms with. Eventually, his best friend, Sadler, sent him to Australia to see Isaac of Uluru to be healed. However, Isaac was unable to heal him, but after the crash of Flight 815, Richard was able to speak. It began as stuttering, but he eventually was able to speak in unbroken sentences.

As Michael’s plans for launching his raft got closer to being ready, the survivors pitched in more to get it going quicker. However, after launching it, some of the Others, including Eli, captured Michael’s son, Walt, off the raft. At the same time the raft had been launched, other survivors were heading into the jungle to open the hatch, because Rousseau had warned them about the Others coming. While they went to open the hatch, many survivors went to hide at the caves. However, Janelle, Howard, Jerome, Larry, and Verena stayed behind at the beach.

VERENA - Verena Murphy was a nurse from Washington, DC. She met her future husband when she got in a car crash and he helped her out. However, before they could get married, Verena’s father died. Years later, after she moved to Australia with her husband, Verena found out that her mother’s cancer was back and it was aggressive. She scheduled a flight to go see her mother, but ended up on the Island instead.

The day after Walt was captured, the survivors returned to the beach, unaware of the kidnapping. However, after returning to the beach, Chris found a diary. The diary belonged to Janelle and she had dropped it the night before after hearing whispers at the beach. Several of the survivors were soon annoyed when they found out that Amon had disappeared again, but he was found a few days later by Richard and Larry.

LARRY - Larry Joseph became a foster child after his drunken father accidentally killed his mother. Later, as a college student, he was constantly moving from one girlfriend to another. He was a good friend of Craig and eventually followed Craig to Australia to try to win his girlfriend back.

The Others' Camp

The Others moved to the decoy camp.

After finding out Amon was back, Howard talked to him and was able to deduce that Amon had been talking to the Others about them. Meanwhile, at the Barracks, many of the Others were moving to a decoy camp in case the survivors came looking for them. While at the decoy camp, Dawn found out that she was pregnant, from her wedding night. Unwilling to let Ryder waste the rest of her life trying to save her, she made Nancy, who knew about the pregnancy, promise to not tell him.

NANCY - Nancy Jones was raised by her grandfather after her parents and her grandmother died in a car crash. When she was older, she became a photographer for a newspaper in Los Angeles, where she began to date Lance. Eventually, she was assigned to a story with Eli that took her to Australia. Along with her friends, she ended up on Flight 815 on her return.

At the survivors’ camp, Michael ran off to find Walt. Wanting to help, Amon, Lance, and Howard tried to follow him to keep him safe. Instead, they found another DHARMA station. The next morning, when they hadn’t returned, Sophia and Janelle went into the jungle to find them. While in the jungle, they encountered a teenage boy who Sophia knew from her past. Days later, after Sophia, Janelle, Amon, Howard, and Lance returned to the beach, Sun was attacked. Startled by the attack, Craig started ranting about the Others, who they had assumed had attacked her.


Amon, Lance, and Howard found the Tempest Station.

CRAIG - Craig Green became an orphan when he was young and lived with his aunt and uncle until he left for university. After years at school, he eventually was able to date a girl he’d had a crush on since his freshman year. However, after only about four months together, his girlfriend, Jenna, broke up with him and moved to Australia where her new boyfriend lived. Obsessed with winning her back, Craig went to Australia, but was able to convince her to take him back.

Only a few days after Sun’s assault, Howard discovered that Amon was gone again. This time, instead of looking for him, they got their friends together and told them that they suspected he was working with the Others. Meanwhile, at the Others’ camp, Ryder recognized Amon, as he returned to be questioned again, from the airport and he knew that the Others were lying to him, because they had told him that they were keeping his son hostage, but Ryder knew that Amon’s son had never got on the plane. A few days later, after hearing about one of the Others being locked in the hatch, Chris subconsciously blocked out past memories and started telling people that the “Other” they had locked in the hatch was his brother.

CHRIS - Chris Dobson was a man who valued his relationship with his brother. As a child, he was saved from a fight by his brother, Steve. Years later, as adults, Chris was the person his brother turned to when his wife died. A few months later, Chris took Steve to Australia to try to take his mind off of things. While boarding the return plane, Flight 815, Steve noticed that Chris had been assigned to the middle seat. Sensing his brother’s discomfort, Steve asked for Chris’ seat. Later, during the turbulence, a piece of the ceiling crushed Steve. Chris later noted that Steve had saved him. After the crash, Chris buried his brother and visited the grave many times.

Buried nikki paulo 3x14

Chris visited his brother's grave several times.

Eventually, Chris realized that his brother wasn’t in the hatch and he remembered that his brother had died in the plane crash. After remembering all this, he wrote a heartfelt eulogy to his brother in Janelle’s diary. Meanwhile, Amon returned and Howard took him into the jungle to torture him for answers. After Amon’s memories were partially recovered, Howard and Janelle took Amon to find the Others. In doing so, they encountered Ryder, who told them the truth about Amon and his son. After they parted ways, everyone on the Island saw a bright light in the sky. The day after the light, Janelle recovered her diary and learned that Chris had had it all along. Meanwhile, Amon, Howard, and Lance left the beach to rescue Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, who had been captured by the Others. They recruited two of their fellow survivors to help them: Dexter and George.

GEORGE - George Scott was the ex-husband of Kristi Cullen, Eli’s sister. He was a real estate agent. Years after his divorce, he learned that his daughter, Cynthia, was moving to Australia with her boyfriend. Upon learning this, George went to Australia to bring her back home, but he failed to convince her. Instead of persisted, he left Australia on Flight 815.

At the beach, while Howard, Dexter, Lance, George, and Amon were gone, Janelle and Chris talked about what they had each written in the diary, starting a friendship between them. Before long, Sawyer and Kate returned to the camp, but Kate soon left again with Locke and Sayid to save Jack. A few days later, Howard, Amon, George, Lance, and Dexter returned from their trek, unsuccessful in saving anyone. However, Jack, Kate, and Sayid soon returned to the beach with Juliet, one of the Others. Not long after that, word got around camp that a woman, named Naomi, had parachuted onto the Island. Most of the survivors trekked to a radio tower to enable Naomi to call her boat and get them rescued. While this happened, Howard and Amon went to the Barracks, which the Others had abandoned, in order to find proof, for Howard’s benefit, that he had been born on the Island. However, shortly after calling the boat, the camp was split, on a basis of whether they were there to help or harm the survivors. Those who believed they were there to hurt them went with Locke, who had been abandoned by the Others. Everyone else went with Jack. Howard, Richard, Steve, Faith, Sophia, Doug, and Tracy were among those who sided with Locke.

TRACY - Tracy Peterson had a happy married life until her husband decided he wanted to go overseas with the army after a terrorist attack. Scared for her husband’s life, Tracy begged him not to go. The dispute nearly brought an end to their marriage, but he eventually decided to stay with his family. Soon after, he, along with their kids, gave Tracy a trip to Australia for Mother’s Day. However, her return flight ended up being Flight 815.

After days at the Barracks, where Locke’s group had gone to, Sophia saw someone near the tree line from her past, again. She ran to catch him. After Tracy saw her run to the jungle, she sent Steve after her, trying to keep her safe. In the jungle, Steve and Sophia found Andrew; a friend of Sophia’s that she thought had died. While talking to him, they discovered his death had been faked and that he was one of the Others. Not long after parting ways, the Barracks were attacked by mercenaries from the freighter. Their attacks ended up killing Jerome, Tracy, Sophia, and Doug.

DOUG - Doug Fisher was a photographer who formerly worked with the police force in Miami. However, he soon realized that his job could possibly endanger him. As a result, he moved to California, where he began working for a newspaper with Nancy, Eli, and Lance and, eventually, he was sent with them to work on stories in Australia.

After the mercenaries got attacked by the Monster, the remaining Flight 815 survivors began heading to the beach. Only a few days after the attack at the Barracks, the survivors started being ferried to the freighter. Amon and Faith were among the first to be taken to the boat. Later, Craig, Janelle, Elliot, and Steve went on the second trip, which never reached the freighter. As other survivors were being taken to the boat, Howard decided to stay behind, knowing his past was on the Island and he wanted to find it. Verena offered to help him with that task. Meanwhile, the Others, including Andrew, Eli, Ryder, and Dawn helped rescue Ben from the mercenaries. On the freighter, the bomb was set to go off. In the chaos that ensued, Nathan, the pilot of the boat, tried to help Amon get off safely.

NATHAN - Nathan Hendricks was a boat pilot from Australia. He was protective of his younger sister, Sonya, who was a flight attendant on Flight 815. After the crash, he tried to comfort Sonya’s boyfriend, Sam. After the wreckage was found, Sam told Nathan that he had to get on the freighter to that wreckage that had been found was a hoax.

On the Island, Locke arrived at the Others camp and Andrew knew that something was going to happen. To prepare, he took a group of his people away from their camp. On the freighter, during the chaos about the bomb, Oscar, Faith’s former boyfriend, tried to convince her to flee the boat with him, but she refused, remembering what he’d done to her. Defeated, Oscar got a life jacket and began swimming to the Island. Soon after, the sky lit up from Ben turning the wheel.

Time Flashes

After the light cleared, the survivors realized their camp was missing. Soon after, the raft returned with the people on it. In the jungle, Andrew tried to explain to his group about them time traveling. Soon after, Dawn found out that Ariel, one of the Others, was her mother.

ARIEL - Ariel Williams was the mother of Dawn, who crashed on the Island on Oceanic Flight 164, in 1978. Along with five other survivors, she was taken to join the Others after 103 days on the island. For the next twenty-six years, she lived on the Island, because Ben told her that by staying on the Island her husband would not suffer from cancer. Shortly after Flight 815 crashed, she was given the task of making a file for Andrew.

After several more flashes of light, at night, the survivors were attacked with flaming arrows. Many of them survived, but Richard and George were among the victims of the attack. Soon after escaping the beach, Howard and Verena found Andrew’s group and Howard recognized Marc, one of the Others, as his father.

MARC - Marc Zahn was a DHARMA Chemist. As a young man, his father asked him to kill Candace Jones, his girlfriend, because she was Jewish, but Marc refused to do it. Later, Marc married Candace and, together, they joined DHARMA, when she was six months pregnant. Shortly before Candace gave birth, Marc got hurt and began to suffer from amnesia. Because of his amnesia, he was deceived into joining the Others.

During the day after meeting his son, Marc regained his lost memories. Shortly after, Marc, Nancy, and Ariel were captured by some of the Others of that day. Ryder, Howard, and Zander decided to go after them. Meanwhile, in another part of the jungle, Elliot, Dexter, Janelle, and Larry ran into Oscar, who was also caught in the flashes.

OSCAR - Oscar Wolfe was a radical environmentalist. He used Faith in order to get close to her professor, in order to try to kill him. After the attempted murder, Faith knocked Oscar out. Soon after, Oscar was found by the police. Months later, Oscar had a dream of Nancy telling him to get on the freighter, or else “she” would die. It is still unknown how he got out of prison.

After successive time flashes, Susan and Peter, two of the survivors of Ariel’s plane, who had become Others, found Dexter and Janelle standing over Marc and Ariel’s bodies with a gun. Thinking that Dexter had shot them, Susan shot Dexter and revealed that Dexter was Janelle’s half-brother. Dexter eventually died from the wound, but was revived by Andrew’s blood, when he arrived. After Ryder, Howard, and Zander found them, Ryder headed to the beach with Oscar and Elliot to try to get Dawn off the Island, after Nancy told him that she was pregnant. They arrived at the beach the next morning where they found Dawn, Verena, Eli, Jim, Chris, Craig, and Dieter. After Ryder said they had to get Dawn off the Island, Elliot told him where to find a boat.

ELLIOT - Elliot Maslow was a photojournalist who went to Australia to expose the misdeeds of Zoran Savo. However, he found himself in a tough position and he ended up betraying his girlfriend, Lisa Gellhorn, in order to get himself into a position where he could get incriminating evidence on Savo, by telling Savo’s bodyguard that she was researching Savo. However, the choice resulted in Lisa’s death, but Elliot got a photo of the execution, but he was seen by Savo. On the run, Elliot got on Flight 815. After the crash, he had no memory of his past. Eventually, through various adventures on the Island, he got his memory back and, by betraying Jack and Kate, he was allowed to leave the Island. While leaving, he got unstuck in time, going back to the day he betrayed Lisa and retaining his memories of the present day. This time, he chose not to betray Lisa and they both ended up on Flight 815 and they both survived the crash.

The morning that Ryder got to the beach, Marc found an old colleague, Tyson Stanford, in the jungle and asked him how to reverse the Phoenix Project. After Marc got his answer, Tyson saw Andrew arriving, so Marc shot Tyson. Soon after, the monster found the time travelers, scattering them. Eventually, a group of time travelers, including Marc, Dexter, Andrew, Dawn, Jim, Verena, and Craig, found the dock where Elliot had left the Island in the alternate timeline. While waiting for a flash where the boat was there, the group encountered some DHARMA gunmen who killed Craig, shortly before another flash. After ending up in a time period with the boat, Andrew, Dawn, Marc, Dexter, Verena, and Jim left the Island on the boat. Soon after, the flashes were ended by Locke turning the wheel.


The group that left the Island on the boat arrived in Los Angeles on March 14, 2006, where they learned about the Oceanic 6. After getting fake passports for Andrew, Verena, Dawn, Dexter, and Jim, the group parted ways. Andrew and Marc started making plans for flying to Copenhagen to reverse the Phoenix Project, based on Tyson’s instructions. Verena and Dawn went to visit Dawn’s in-laws for a short time before flying out East. Jim started making plans for finding his family, particularly his brother, who lived in Australia. Dexter immediately left Los Angeles and flew to New York City to reunite with his girlfriend.

DEXTER - Dexter Stubbs was born into a poor family. He was picked on at school and, after his aunt got some money out of a con, was relieved to be going to an ivy-league college. On his first day at the college, he met Daisy Ward, who eventually became his girlfriend. However, while at university, he pretended to be rich, so that people would like him. Eventually, while in Australia with Daisy’s family, his lie blew up and Daisy found out he’d lied to her. Though she was supposed to be on Flight 815, she stayed behind, saving her from the crash.

By the time Dexter reunited with Daisy, she had long since forgiven him for his lies. After a day with Ryder’s family, Dawn and Verena flew to Washington, DC, where Verena reunited with her mother, whose cancer had disappeared. A while later, Dawn and Verena drove to New York City, where Dawn reunited with her father. Meanwhile, Jim finalized his plans for flying to Australia, where he reunited with brother, Blake, who had married George’s daughter, Cynthia.

JIM - Jim Reeves was born with a serotonin disorder that caused him to suffer from depression. In high school, he was friends with Amon and Eddie Jefferson. These two friends were very sensitive to Jim’s condition. Sometime after graduation, Jim began dating Joanna, who later became a survivor of Flight 815. At one point in their relationship, Jim asked Joanna to marry him, but she declined. He got upset and their relationship ended. Later, after being in Australia for an unknown reason, Jim boarded Flight 815 which brought him to the Island. After arriving on the Island, Jim discovered that his serotonin disorder was cured. He was one of the nine tail survivors to be captured by the Others about two weeks after the crash.

Sometime later, Dawn moved to Los Angeles, where she later had her baby, with Jack’s help. Shortly after that, Verena’s mother discovered that her cancer was back. After visiting Dawn and meeting his grandson, Dawn’s father moved to Los Angeles, because he planned to eventually go back to the Island with her. About that time, Andrew confronted Alvar Hanso about the serum from the Phoenix Project, which Tyson had told him would reverse what the project had done to him, but Hanso told him that the serum had never arrived.

ANDREW - Andrew Raymond was born as Daniel Abrams, off the Island, but was given to Richard Alpert by his mother. Seventeen years later, Andrew was captured by members of the Phoenix Project and injected with a serum that stopped him from aging and healed him almost instantly. Throughout the next twenty-two years, the members of the Phoenix Project injected him with various diseases and did other things to test the limits of Andrew’s “immortality”. Eventually, after the purge, Andrew was rescued. Through the following twelve years, Andrew visited various parts of the world, trying to find people who were “special”. At one point, he was sent to Sophia’s high school, where he became friends with her. However, he was eventually forced, by Alpert, to fake his death to get him out of Sophia’s life.

Throughout the year and a half after visiting Hanso, Andrew and Marc talked to their friends who left the Island with them and tried to convince them to go back. Dawn and Dexter agreed immediately, because they wanted to reunite with Ryder and Janelle. Jim was also willing to go, but for unknown reasons. However, Verena was not willing to go at first. Despite Andrew telling her that going back would save her mother, she refused to go back. Finally, she agreed to go back when her mother died. When Daisy found out that Dexter was going to go back to the Island, she decided to go with him. To get back to the Island, the Island escapees, Derek (Dawn’s father), and Daisy got on Ajira Airways Flight 316 along with Sayid, Jack, Kate, Ben, Hurley, and Sun. During the flight, they saw a flash of light and the plane crash landed on the Hydra Island, where Amon had been held many times.

Post-Time Flashes

Through a series of lies by the time displaced survivors, they were able to join the DHARMA Initiative, where they lived for the next three years. One day, three years after the flashes ended, Chris found out that a little girl, who would eventually grow up to be his sister-in-law, had disappeared. He took Larry and went to find her. After finding her, Larry got shot and Chris was confronted by Richard Alpert. To prove he was a time traveler, like Locke, Chris told Alpert to visit him in Las Vegas in two years. The next day, Jack, Kate, and Hurley arrived at the Barracks, after being found by Jin in the jungle. A day later, Chris returned to the Barracks and told Janelle that Larry was dead. Later, after trying to comfort her, Chris ended up kissing Janelle. That night, a flaming DHARMA van crashed into a house. The next day, Lance and Nancy tried to free Andrew in the Phoenix Project, but failed to do so and were killed in the process. After that, Zander became a target of the Phoenix Project, but was helped to escape by Howard. In a struggle that occurred, soon after, Eli was killed by Dieter, who was shot, soon after, by Zander. The next morning, Ryder discovered that Howard and Zander were on the run and that the rest of their friends were also targets. He told Ariel to get them out, before it was too late. Before she could find all of them, Jeff was captured by Tyson. However, the rest of the survivors, except Dieter, left the Barracks. After being stitched up, Dieter was invited to join the Phoenix Project. However, after he found out that Andrew had been telling the truth, completely about the Phoenix Project, he tried to let Andrew and Jeff escape, but Jeff was killed and Andrew was recaptured. After they were found, Dieter was shot. The other survivors eventually made their way to the Swan Construction site where they saw a bright light.


After returning to the Island, Jim, Verena, Dexter, and Marc took an outrigger to the main Island where they found Howard’s camera, which had been left as a time capsule for them with a video message. After that, Jim went back to the Hydra Island to get Daisy, Derek, Dawn and Andrew, while Verena, Marc, and Dexter headed to the Barracks, but after not finding the guns they were looking for at the Barracks, they headed to the beach to try to find guns in Howard’s stash. Meanwhile, Dawn, Jim, Derek, Andrew, and Daisy arrived at the Barracks where they got guns from Andrew’s vault and found Jessica, Susan’s daughter, who had been told to find them by Marc. Then Andrew radioed Marc and the two groups decided to meet at the statue where Jacob resided. After arriving, they saw Locke’s dead body, though they had seen “Locke” living days before. Just then, Andrew saw someone in the jungle and followed the person, with Marc right behind him. They discovered that the person Andrew had seen was Tyson, who mysteriously, was alive, though Marc had shot him in 1988.

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