Some Starless Night

After a rash decision is made by Lance and Nancy, Zander and Howard are forced to hide from the DHARMA Initiative. However, they find out that not all of their fellow survivors are willing to help them. Read Some Starless Night

The Day After Tomorrow

After finding out that Howard and Zander are on the run from the DHARMA Initiative, Ryder makes an executive decision to save his fellow survivors. Read The Day After Tomorrow

The Kite Runner

Dieter accepts a deal given to him by Micah, but soon finds out it isn't quite what he expected. Meanwhile, other survivors continue to fight and hide from the DHARMA Initiative. Read The Kite Runner

Tuck Everlasting

Dieter uses his new position to try to find redemption. Marc, Dexter, and Verena head to the beach. The other survivors in the past continue to evade DHARMA. Read Tuck Everlasting, Part 1

Jeff runs from DHARMA with another captive. Andrew's group heads toward Jacob. Other survivors in the past find the Swan site and events build up as the Incident draws nearer. Read Tuck Everlasting, Part 2

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