• Crash815

    Susan Olsen

    December 3, 2009 by Crash815

    Susan Kent was the girlfriend of Shane Mayhew and she lived with him in Singapore for a short time getting pregnant with his child. After Shane decided he didn't want to raise the child with her, Susan left to move home. (Doubts) Her flight was Oceanic Airlines Flight 164, which crashed near the Island. On the Island, she met Todd Olsen. A couple months after the crash, Susan gave birth to Jessica Kent. A short while after Jessica's birth, Susan married Todd on the Island. They were later captured along with their fellow survivors by the Hostiles, who they joined. (Twenty-Six Years)

    Decades later, after Flight 815 crashed on the Island, Susan helped in the capture of Walt Lloyd off the raft. (The Key) Later, she was caught in the time flashes w…

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  • Crash815

    This is a chapter of my fan fiction, Lost 4Ever, and should be completely considered fanon.

    The Kahana prepares for departure with a crew of people who each are there for their own reasons. Read Port of Suva

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  • Crash815

    Lost4Ever Summary

    August 4, 2009 by Crash815

    On September 22, 2004, Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 crashed on a mysterious Island in the South Pacific. There are many aspects to this Island that make it particularly mysterious, including visions, dreams, science research stations, and a monster that appears to be made out of black smoke. A total of seventy-two people survived the crash. "LOST" is the story of many of these people. "Lost4Ever" is the story of another group of these people.

    In the air above the Island, the plane broke apart into three pieces, landing on different spots on the Island, but in each situation the survivors banded together in the immediate aftermath, forming friendships.

    The first day on the Island was filled with insanity, trying to save as many people as they coul…

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  • Crash815

    Chapter 5.22 - 5.26

    June 21, 2009 by Crash815

    After a rash decision is made by Lance and Nancy, Zander and Howard are forced to hide from the DHARMA Initiative. However, they find out that not all of their fellow survivors are willing to help them. Read Some Starless Night

    After finding out that Howard and Zander are on the run from the DHARMA Initiative, Ryder makes an executive decision to save his fellow survivors. Read The Day After Tomorrow

    Dieter accepts a deal given to him by Micah, but soon finds out it isn't quite what he expected. Meanwhile, other survivors continue to fight and hide from the DHARMA Initiative. Read The Kite Runner

    Dieter uses his new position to try to find redemption. Marc, Dexter, and Verena head to the beach. The other survivors in the past continue to evade D…

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  • Crash815

    Marc, Dexter, Verena, and Jim find a way to the main Island. Andrew, Dawn, Daisy, and Derek watch as the tension builds at the Hydra Island.

    Click here to read "Time Capsule"

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