K so to start things off Jacob has the power to heal, his tapestry under the statues foot has the eye of horus on it and he is the ruler of all the island the eye of horus is an element used by the egyptian god to heal In ancient Egyptian mythology there was a balance between good and evil hence the white shirt worn by Jacob on the beach and the black shirt worn by the nemesis. The God whom was originally Osiris was killed and chopped to pieces by his brother Set. Osiris was re erected and became the god Horus who is the god of fertility and life. Egypt was split into too parts before this the lower half which was desert owned by Set representing (evil)and the northern half with the nile representing good owned by Osiris. When Osiris is re erected as Horus , he is given all of Egypt and set is left with nothing. Jacob is the god Horus and his nemesis the god Set. His nemesis has different forms like the black smoke and he can change into people whom are dead. The first victim of the black smoke was the pilot Seth which happens to be the other name for the god Set. In this new season Jacob (Horus) will be re erected through Sayid just as the nemesis(Set) was through locke. Set has always been in the shadow of Horus and is trying to take revenge. If you watch as Sayid is carried into the pool inside the temple it is filmed at full front and he is resembling a crucifixion. His armed and body positioned like a cross and then dunked under water in the form of a baptism. He is killed and laying dead only to wake up with a confused look. Also juliet tried to change the past but it is impossible to change what has happened to you or anyone else in that demension. The reason they are on a plane and still on the island as well is because they are now in parrallel universes just as if you had one time line that never stopped but then at a certain point a disruption in the past caused the line to split off creating two parrallel realities one in which the pocket of energy crashed their plane and the other where it did not. And because they cannot change what has happened to them in the past it has just ripped into two separate realities instead of just changing the one they are in. It is impossible to change the past because the sequences leading up to the point you decide to change wouldn’t have happened cause of the change there fore you wouldn’t have changed them because you wouldn’t have the need to. Which means that you would still be in the same place, and so instead of everyone going back in time to the point where they almost crashed, time just created a separate reality or universe in which the plane never crashed because you simply cannot erase time, and so what you are seeing with the flight not crashing is actually a separate reality in the past so like the first episode in a separate reality.

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