• Council gardener

    "Lost" in 2015

    July 14, 2015 by Council gardener

    I would like to propose Season 7 of "Lost": -

    The season deals with events between the plane escaping the island (2007) and 2015

    EPISODE 1 "Dinner time"


    VINCENT eating JACK's recently deceased body

    ---Just kidding!

    Seriously though: - I would like to know the following: 1) On the island (Hugo and Ben, Ber-NARD and Rose, Desmond leaves? Walt arrives) i) Is Ben now a good guy or does he have lapses? ii) Is Hugo visited by spirits who 'haven't moved on' such as Michael? How do they help him or Hugo/Ben/Walt help the spirits? iii) As Jacob did, does the 'Man in Black' appear as a spirit to Hugo? iv) How does Hugo adapt to his new role and what are the details of being 'the new Jacob'? Is he like a sorcerer? Does he also cause people to come …

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