i just recently finished rewathing the last few episodes (11-23) of season 1 of lost and i actually wrote down every question i had from every episode and i just wanted to see what the rest of you thought about these or if some of them have been answered and i never realized it. You may have to rewatch some of the scenes to understand what im talking about, but please comment and let me know what you think.

1) episode 11 all the best cowboys have daddy issues a) how does locke know what time it is when watches dont work on the island? b) in a flash back christian tells jack that its all for the "greater good" what does he mean by the greater good c)when locke and boone are looking for cliare boone marks their progress with a red shirt, later on boone dies. I have noticed and ill comment on it later that in other posts that when ever someone wears a red shirt they end up dying. Just something to watch out for in season 6, if you see someone wearing a red shirt they may die soon lol.

2) episode 12 whatever the case may be a) Why does jack bury the US marshall but no one else that died in the plane. He puts everone else in the fuselage. Is this because the US marshall was the only person he couldnt save so far on the island?

3) episode 13 hearts and minds a) why is hurley always dealing with food? b) this question is probably the biggest question i have in season 1. when locke and boone are walking out to dig up more of the hatch locke says to boone " be friends with sayid we are going to want him on our side" what side is he talking about? does he already know that he is going to split up the camp how he does in season 4? and what is so special about special about season that locke would want him on his side??

4) epsiode 14 special a) how does locke know walt is special he says it to michael, but how does he know and in what way is he special? b) in a flash back walt makes a bird fly into a window. That struck me as very weird so i did some research and on a website i read that in experiments people used electromagnetism to bring birds closer to them, I dont know if that is possible or makes sense, but if it does i would assume that walt has an enourmous amount of electromagnetism in his body.

5) episode 18 the numbers a)what is the dark territory, and why was it given that name. We know that the temple is in the dark territory because rousseau claims that montand lost his arm in the dark territory and we see in season 5 that he looses his arm when the smoke monsters pulls him under the temple. b) what are the significance of the numbers, and did they originate in australia or did they originate in eygpt or on the island? c) in a flashback hurlry visits leonard at santa rosa mental institute and and hurley tells leonard he used the numbersto win the lottery, this causing leonard to say " you opened the box by using the numbers" what box and what does it all mean?

6) episode 19 deus ex machina a)locke doesnt have feeling or pain in his legs at the begginning of the epsiode what is the significance of this? b) sawyer gets headaches and bad vision on the island, why is it that the island didnt cure him like it cured most other people? c)when locke gets to the vines by the drug plane he all of a sudden cant walk, why is it that everytime he gets their he cant walk, what is on the top of those vines that he needs to see but the writers dont want us to see yet? d) While screaming at the hatch locke says "i did everything you wanted me to do" who is he talking to

7) episode 21 the greater good a) why does sawyers voice make aaron stop crying?

8) episode 22 born to run a) when locke and walt are talking locke touches walt and walt recoils and says" dont open it, don’t open that thing`` referring to the hatch. But how did walt know about the hatch. locke hadnt told anyone about. and why was walt so scared of the hatch? and why did he not want locke to open it?

9) episode 23 exoduS A) how did the black rock get stuck in the middle of the island? b) the smoke monster catchs locke and tries to bring him underground just like me does to montand in season 5. he doesnt try to kill him like other people why is that? c) why doe locke say " boone was a sacrifice the island demanded" ??

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