i just recently finished rewathing the first ten episode of season 1 of lost and i actually wrote down every question i had from every episode and i just wanted to see what the rest of you thought about these or if some of them have been answered and i never realized it. You may have to rewatch some of the scenes to understand what im talking about, but please comment and let me know what you think.


1) Why does jack wake up in the middle of the jungle but everyone else wakes up on the beach or in the ocean. 2) Kate says to jack “ you don’t seem like your afraid at all”. Is this because jack has been to the island before? 3) Why does Charlie right fate on his hands in tape? 4) Why does locke like the rain so muchhe is always standing in the rain or looking inot the ocean. any idea why this might be?

season1 episode 2

1) locke is talking to walt and he says i have a secret to tell you walt. what is the secret? 2) also when locke is talking to walt he mentions that backgammon is over 500 years old, how does he know this?

season 1 episode 3

1) In the very last scene their is happy music and then the music stops and the camera stops on locke was this forshadowing that locke would be a bad guy

season 1 episode 5

1) Locke already talks about destiny and he says “i looked into the eye of the island and what i saw was beautiful” what did he see when he gets up close to smokey when locke looks in smokey does smokey make him “sick” or changes him like when Richard brings ben into the temple?

season1 episode 10

1) we now know that widmore owns oceanic airlines, so did he give the airline ticket to mr. malkin to give to claire so that claire would end up on the island. And why is it so important for claire to raise aaron.

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