This is my theory about lost. I have been working on it since the end of season 3. A lot has changed since my original theory. I have gathered the info I used in the theory from the show itself, podcasts, lostpedia most of the ideas are mine so are other peoples ideas that I have changed and altered according to my opinion. Most is actually based on facts a little bit is completely my own free thinking. I have broken it up into several sections to help keep my thoughts and order and to mkae it easier for you to read. It is very long theory and I did take time writing and thinking it so please comment and tell me what you think.

1) Island : entering /leaving, electromagnetism around the island

    The island is attached to earth by wormholes/ electromagnetic pockets of energy.  These pockets of energy are placed 

in many places all over the world. So far we know that they are possibly placed in LA under the church where Hawkings is, Australia where Isaac the healer is, at the donkey wheel that leads to Tunisia where Ben and Locke leave the island, possibly somewhere near Nigeria due to the drug plane leaving from nigeria, somewhere near Tahiti since Rousseau’s crew left from there and most likely somewhere in Egypt considering the fact that the temple and the statue are Egyptian. When you enter these wormholes you are placed in a somewhat real but alternate reality, where everything is mirror of itself. “What do you do in the real world, Mr. Locke” (Boone S1E11).

    The island is a place where miracles happen, (Locke begins walking, rose`s cancer being cured, Jin becomes fertile 

and so on), a place of faith, a mirror image of what the world really is, where material value and money mean everything. The wormholes are attached to the island at specific points throughout history/time. We have hints that 5000 years ago is the time when there was an Egyptian wormhole that lead to the island. “Backgammon is the oldest game in the world. Archaeologists have found sets dating back 5000 years” (John Locke S1E2). On the flight Ajira 316 some of the passengers are brought to the island by a time flash placing them in 1977 time frame, this flight was leaving from LA. The wormhole that leads flight 815 to the island was leaving Australia in September 2004. Also when Ben leaves the island he says to the lady at the Tunisia hotel “Yes, um... today's date is? “(Ben S4E9), meaning that he doesn’t not know WHEN in time he traveled to.

    In order to enter or leave the island  you must leave at a certain degree.  This is because their is an
electromagnetic field around the island.  This field prevents the island from being seen from outside the field.
And that specific degree is the only entrance or exit through the electromagnetic field.   I believe that the Swan 

station was built to create the electromagnetic field . So during the time frame from when the 815 flight crashes you must leave at a bearing of 325 according to Ben in season 2 finale. As well as in season 4 farady is very strict

to Frank Lipidus what bearing to use when leaving the island.  

2) The numbers. What they have done, What they mean

The numbers represent an equation to determine the end of the world. They are also part of the equation that helped the DI find the co-ordinates of the island in a specific point in time. This can possibly link the

island to the end of the world.  “It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress”. 

(Jacob S5E16).

We know the numbers: - Have crashed the flight 815, - Shipwrecked Rousseau’s boat to the island - Caused Leonard to go crazy after he heard them in Australia ( where we know there is a wormhole) - Hawkings used the numbers to find a plane for the O6 to get back to the island

We assume that the numbers - Brought Desmond to the island - Somehow crashed the Drug plane - Brought the black rock to the island, and in season 5 we see Jacob looking at the BR and MIB says “you brought

the ship here” (MIB S5E16).  
    Alvar Hanso founded the dharma Initiative, his goal along with Enzo Valenzetti was to literally save the world.  

” So I replied to a newspaper advertisement. Would you like to save the world?’ it read. That’s how I met them, the Initiative “(Mihkail S3E11). He wanted to do this by changing the length of human existence by altering the

numbers.  He believed the numbers represented key factors that would prolong life.  Each number represents a 

certain factor: 4-meterology, 8-psychology, 15-parapsychology, 16-zoology, 23-electromagnetism, and 42-Utopian socialism. In the first dharma video (S2E3 Orientation) Marvin candle mentions these in the video in that order.

    Valenzetti  and Hanso tried to change the outcome of the numbers to produce a longer span for human existence. 
He did this by bringing DI to the island to try to change the variables which he thought were meteorology,
psychology, parapsychology, zoology, electromagnetism and Utopian socialism.  

3) The stations Swan/orchid

    The DI made stations to test these factors and try to change them.  So far we know of 10 possible DI stations
on the island: Swan, pearl, staff, hydra, looking glass, flame, tempest, orchid, arrow and the lamppost.  So far 

of the 6 factors we know of a few stations that were designed to try to manipulate the factors. We do not know

which stations were used to study meteorology or Utopian socialism ( the idea of a perfect world).  The pearl 

represents # 8 a psychological experiment that convinced the people in the pearl that they were watching someone

that was doing stuff in the swan that had no purpose at all, but really it was the people in the pearl who had 

no purpose. The experiment was meant to play with the minds of the people in the pearl. Hydra island represents

the #16 in the equation, clearly dealing with zoology.  
    The orchid is build next to a pocket of exotic matter.  This exotic matter has a negative gravitational pull 

allowing the person who turns the donkey wheel to unleash this energy causing a Casimir effect. This Casimir effect would cause a ripple in time allowing for someone to pass through a wormhole and move through space in time. Like we see happen to Ben in season 4 finale. The orchid is the second most important station on the island, the swan is being the most important. The swan is the backbone of the scientific portion of the show and the island itself. I say the swan is the most important for two reason. 1 first reason being the shows content. Season one is spend digging up the swan season two is spent living in the swan and it imploding, Season 3 the swan being imploded messes up the others communications. Season 5 is spent making the swan and the incident. The second reason I say the swan is most important is because of the swan is where all the important events regarding the time loop occur. (MORE on reason 2 later)

4) The constant and the variables and the Time Loop

    Originally the variables were thought to be the factors that the DI stations were built to alter. However the 

variables are actually the people on the show, specifically the oceanic 6. “We're the variables. People. We think.

We reason. We make choices. We have free will. We can change our destiny ( Farrady S5E14).  The variables are the characters making a choice, using their freewill.  So when jack, Sun, Kate, Desmond, Aaron, Hurley, Frank and Sayid 

left the island they changed the variables,(themselves) in essence causing the end of the world and the Valenzetti equation to change to the year 2008/ season 6.

    Desmond since he is the constant and  “ The rules don’t apply to you Desmond. Your special.  uniquely and 

miraculously special.” ( Farrady S5E1), he is what starts the variables to be changed. When Desmond turned the failsafe key in season 2 and the swan blew up, it changed the Electromagnetism of the island and the island became visible to the outside world letting Widmore`s boat come. Not only did it become visible to the world it allowed the variables to be changed ie: Jack leaving the island. Since widmores boat came it gave jack and the others to have a way off the island.

    The swan button being pushed literally was saving the world because if the button is not pushed the variables 

can be changed and the changing of the variables led to the changing of the Valenzetti equation for the worse which leads the equation to end the world in 2008/season 6.

``Benjamin... whatever he's told you, I want you to understand one thing. You have a choice``/   “Ajira Airways 

Flight 316 out of LAX. Leaves in 24 hours. All you have to do is get on that plane. It's your choice, Hugo. You don't have to do anything you don't want to”. (Jacob S5E16) Jacob/God/Good gives us free will, while MIB/devil/bad doesn’t he manipulates and tempts people ie: Locke and Ben to think they have free will but really he is making their destiny. Just like Hawking’s says, “Your husband has become a casualty in a conflict that's bigger than him, that's bigger than any of us” (S5E14). This means that all the people are just players in the game of chess

between Jacob and MIB, none of them can do much about it except for Desmond, since “the rules don’t apply to him”.

Here is a list of the timeloop events that change the variables ( the losties) in order they happen in the show

1) Desmond does not push the button in time and an excess amount of electromagnetic energy is realeased on September 22, 2004 ( autumn equinox)

2) Flight 815 crashes and the losties are on the island. 3) Desmond pushes the failsafe key and the hatch implodes causing a huge electromagnetic energy to be released.

At this time Desmond time travels and he knows what is going to happen in the future and begins to have flashes of 

the future. Causing him to save Charlie and course correction happens.

4) Charlie turns off the looking glass 5) Widmore and penny both discover where the island is. 6) (flashback) Hawkings convinces Desmond to go to the island. In essences causing the above events events. 7) Widmores boat comes to island with Daniel. 8) Christian( aka smokey aka Man in black) tells locke the island must be moved and Ben moves the island into a different time

9) Pennys boat comes Jack kate Aaron sun hurley frank and Desmond leave the island( variables change because they were never suppose to leave the island)

10) Locke moves the island to 1974 11) O6 come back 12) The swan incident occurs and sends the Losties into a different time era. Either back to the beginning when the temple is built, when the black rock comes(most likely) or back to before the plane crashed(which i wouldn’t like to happen) 13) Swan button must be now pushed due to the incident and time loop starts again.

    The variables officially change on September 22, 2004 when 815 crashes, or in other words the autumn equinox 

(night and day are equally long). Desmond (THE CONSTANT) doesn`t push the button in time, in turn causing 815 to crash this cause of 815 to crash is part of the time loop. However the change occurs because this initial starting point was caused by the time loop. Hawking`s tells Desmond he must come to the island, so he does and the hatch incidents, failsafe, and equinox happen. However Hawking’s only knew these events because the fact that her son Dan comes to the island when Hawking`s is young and tells her he is her son and she kills Dan. By Hawking’s killing her son, she is continuing the time loop and will grow up and tell Desmond he needs to go to the island

and convince her son Dan to go to the island.  Finally causing the incident, which leads to the swan button to 

be built and pushed leading right back to Desmond not pushing it and the time loop continues.

     We know that one rule is that you can’t change the past, but the rules do not apply to Desmond.  So I believe 

by him starting the time loop he will unknowingly sends the islanders to 1890 (season 6) through the incident, in essence changing the past, the variables and the equation. We now assume that the Incident at the Swan was caused by Juliet setting off the Jughead at the bottom of the EM pocket at the bottom of the swan. This will travel the survivors back to a pivotal moment in the islands history when the black rock comes to the island. Or possibly during the time of the statue and the temple being built. Only now that the variables have been changed, this time in “the past” will actually be the end of the world. All the players are now where they are supposed to be for the next “purge” or the end of it all.

5) the smoke monster/MIB and the loophole

     Regarding the smoke monster, we have seen him transform into Christian Yami and Locke.  All of these people 

were killed or died off island and then transported to the island on a plane. I believe that is how the smoke monster can become these people because they have dead bodies that can be inhabited. The smoke monster lives underneath the temple as far as we know and is a security system guarding the temple according to Rousseau. So as far as we know we have only actually seen two people enter the temple. They would be Richard and Ben.(S5E11 Whatever happened,happened) Before Richard takes Ben into the temple he warns kate and sawyer about him not being the same and says he would be part of the island. I believe that this is where the loophole that Jacob mentions actually began started.

a) Ben is taken into the temple. Ben is infected and is not the same just like Richard said (season 5) b) The smoke monster gets up close and personal with locke and infects him ( S1E4 Walkabout). I believe that after this episode locke is working in favour of the island like he says over and over throughout the show

c) Christian(smokey) manipulates Claire and she breaks the line around the hut d) Christian (smokey) manipulates locke and explains he needs to move the island e) Ben thinks he is suppose to move the island which is what smokey wants and Ben is off the island. f) Locke tries to stop the time warps and leaves the island as well (smokey gives locke advise to get jack back home and tells locke he needs to die)

g) Ben kills locke h) Hawkings convinces Ben he needs to get everyone back to the island i) The losties come back in 1974 j) In 1977 sayid shoots Ben k) Ben is taken into the temple Now that Lockes dead body is on the island Smokey inhabits it l) He brings Richard to the drug plane and tells him to tell the real Locke that he has to die in order to save the others

 This is all part of MIB’s master plot to kill Jacob.  The question is why does he want Jacob dead?  I think it 

is because of rivalry they have dating back to the beginning of time. This is interesting because if MIB hates Jacob why can’t he just kill Jacob himself. Same reason we here Widmore say “Have you come here to kill me Benjamin”, Ben replies, “ We both know I can’t do that” (S4E9 the shape of things to come), as well as When Jack goes to shoot locke and pulls the trigger but no bullets come out in season 4 episode 1. These are all similar to how Tom says to Michael “You can’t kill yourself. The island won’t let you” ( S4E8) The island as we know it would be the smoke monster. So somehow these rivalries between individuals on the show cannot kill each other. They must manipulate someone else to do it, which is exactly what the MIB did. This all leads into the most important quote of the show

6) Good vs. Evil

    The most important quote of the show in my eyes would be “Two players.  Two sides, one is light, one is dark” 

(S1E2 John Locke). This means that there is good and evil and that is what the show is about. Throughout the show there has been many references to Stephen King and his novels. One novel they have not yet mentioned is called The Stand. The stand is about a disease that kills everyone on the planet except a select few. These select few form a side to follow God the good side and an evil side. Now doesn’t that seem like Lost?

    We know Jacob is the giver of life as he gives life to Richard and he believes in free will and MIB is the 

taker of life as he takes echo’s life in season 3. So they are in an eternal struggle to show which side is better.

So Jacob and MIB are bringing all the people to the island to set up for the final Judgment /end of the world. Only Jacob believes there will be peace while MIB believes there will be corruption. Since we assume there is a wormhole in Egypt and Locke mentions backgammon being over 5000 years old we assume that the Lost world started in Egypt 5000 years ago, hence the statue and the temple. The temple is actually where the numbers come from which is what truly brings people to the island.

    I think Jacob did his recruiting off island, as we see in S5E16 the Incident.  We see Jacob touch several 

characters; Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Ilana (appears to touch her), Locke, Sun, Jin, Jack, Hurley. I believe he touched them and tried to give them a part of his soul, similar to Lord Voldemort in the harry Potter books. Jacob can use any of these people to be a vessel. While MIB somehow makes people “sick” or “infected” like Rousseau’s husband or when Ben is brought in the temple. Also MIB possibly only needed to find a loophole to win the game between him and jacob. MIB thinks that if Jacob is dead he will be right and he will control the island. However, in the same way that he took control of someone else’s body, I believe someone will take control over Jacobs’ body i.e.: Jack, thus making the battle against Jack and Locke, the two people who have been at a constant war throughout the show. Similar to when Braham says “What, you think he's a candidate”. A candidate for Jacob to be a vessel.

    Jack is clearly the best candidate to be Jacob.  He has saved countless lives throughout the show in essence
giving those characters life, which is what Jacob has done to Richard and Locke.  Once Jack becomes a vessel for 

Jacob it will be an eternal war all over again only through Jack and Locke. I believe the show will end with Jack

and Locke arguing over faith/ destiny and science and free will.  Very similar to the scene we see in the incident 

with MIB and Jacob talking about the people coming to the island.

The only question left to determine are which sides people are on. For example we know that Jacob is the good guy and MIB is the bad guy.

     SIDE NOTE:many people have said that they don't think the man in black is bad they think jacob is.  Well 

actually in the official podcast by carlton and damon they actually say that jacob is a good guy they also say that frank is a good guy,hurley is a good guy, kate is good. Which was the final straw for me to make my theory.

The reason I wanted to post this now was because I rewatched the whole series over the holidays.
But bad guys and good guys always have followers and people working for them.  We know too opposite side are Ben 

and widmore. I believe that Ben is on the bad side. “There’s leftovers in the refrigerator, I ate most of the DARK meat, sorry” ( Ben S3E13). Throughout the show Ben has been seen to kill a bunch of people while widmore has killed no one. Ben has manipulated people and lied to get what he wants, while Widmore pretty much seems like a straight shooter. When he tells Desmond in season 2 to leave penny alone it isn’t because widmore is an

ass or dislikes Desmond it is because widmore knows Desmond is a big player in the game and he doesn’t want penny
to be involved.  Ben has never helped anyone else but himself, while Widmore helps locke find the oceanic 6.  So 

widmore is on Jacob’s side while Ben is on MIB’s side.

    Next is locke and jack, we have seen locke kill countless people saying he did it for the island, while 

jack has saved many people, he has saved rose from choking, Charlie, from the vines, boone from drowning, he instructs kate how to give birth to aaron ( in essence giving life), saves Ben from the tumor, saves sawyer

from getting shot by danny by calling over the walkie talkie,  desmond after the helicopter crashes.  So 

clearly jack is on the good side and locke is on the bad side. Locke in the S1E4 (walkabout) locke gets face to face with the smoke monster. In S1E5 he says `` I have looked into the eye of the island and what

i saw was beautiful``  So i believe very since then he has been working or under control or been infected
by the smoke monster just like rousseaus crew as i mentioned earlier.  This is why locke has been stopping 

people from leaving the island because it is all part of the smoke monsters plan.

      Two other rivals are sayid and sawyer.   Both these characters have killed in the show, the major difference 

is sayid did it because Ben told him too, while sawyer killed the man that killed his parents, in order to get redemption and get on with his life. After sawyer kills Anthony Cooper he becomes nice. After that episode we

never see sawyer fight or argue with anyone or stealing or hording food or supplies.  However, throughout the 

whole show sayid is killing or torturing people. Sayid was bread to be a killer he kills the chicken in season 5 (he's our you) Of these two people sayid is definitly the bad guy. In S1E13 Hearts and minds Locke says to Boone "

be friends with Sayid, we are going to want him on our side"  Since I assume locke is bad considering that smoke
monster has inhabited his body I assume sayid is bad as well.
    Another somewhat rivalry is Desmond and Hawking’s.  Hawkings is always talking about destiny and how no one 

has a choice in the matter, if you do not do what your suppose to the universe will course correct itself. While desmond is more just laid back, he listen to Hawkings once and he feels like he wasted his time, and he has never done anything to hurt anyone. While we know Hawkings knew she was going to kill Dan when she was like 30, but she still insists on making him learn physics and go to the island, knowing she was going to kill him. So Desmond is a good guy and Hawkings is a bad guy.

      Kate and Juliet have been rivals since they met competing for sawyer and jacks affection.  Juliet has for 

the most part once she came to the survivors camp been a team player and a good guy. Kate however has consistently through the show in flash backs and normal time, used people to get what she wants, ie the case of guns, the toy plane in the bank. She has lied and manipulated people almost as bad as Ben has. So juliet is good kate

is bad.  But at the same time I do not think kate would really be in the whole plot of working with MIB or at
least not knowingly.

I assumer richard is good just for the simple fact that Jacob made him immortal ( S5E15 Follow the leader) and that the fact that he had no idea that Locke wasn`t the real locke in season 5. If the King of bad guys was disguised I`m sure he would tell his number one man Richard. So I believe richard to be good.

7) Conclusion

All in all i have literally told you everything i think about lost and the major important parts. Most people have made their own theories on how the show will end I however have not. I more made this theory to see how smart I was regarding lost. I do have a few ideas/ hopes on what the season 6 premier will bring.

First I want it to be either richard centric and the opening scene will have him coming to the island on the black rock. Being guided by the compass and the islanders have been sent back into the era where the black rock comes to the island.


I would like it to be jacob centric and have the opening scene with jacob supervising the building of the statue or the temple while he is or someone in the background is playing backgammon.

8) Other random theories i have

I think Jacob can transform into animals like vincent since there is a dogg picture in his cabin

Charlie leaves his ring in Aarons crib and is pretty much Aarons father on the island.  Charlie leaves his ring
DS or Dexter Stratton which it was named after in Aarons crib.  Dexter is Aarons grandfather and the ring has 

been passed down generations and since he left it in the crib you assume he is passing it down to aaron. In the show they make it very obvious that he left the ring there on purpose. We know Charlie wanted to make sure Aaron

was baptized in the name of GOD.  I believe god is known as Jacob.  So this could mean that aaron is going to
become jacob

9) questions I have no idea about

How is the black rock in the middle of the island Didi the volcano mentioned in season 3 erupt and break the statue Jacob talks to hurley 2 days before he gets on 316 why is it that he waited this long to talk to hurley when he visited everyone else when they were young. What is the compass for?

10) Lastly please respond to this I took a long ass time to write it so comment and critique like crazy and try to

proove some of the theories wrong, even tho i think they are very good.Comment either on Lostpedia or by email 

( dont make fun of my email i made it years ago and am too lazy to change it)

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