• Coraircate

    Ben or Locke?

    October 12, 2009 by Coraircate

    I thought about it: Locke being special. Maybe he's not special? Maybe Ben is. Remember how Ben killed Jacob? Maybe it wasn't that Un-Locke was the only one who couldn't, maybe it was Ben that was the only one who could. Maybe they lied, and Locke's not special.

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  • Coraircate

    Lost has its funny moments. Here's my favorites.

    #5: How Dare You Sawyer hates perverts.

    #4: Beer, Car, IHOP Sawyer teaches Jin new words.

    #3: Here Piggy Listen to the audio.

    #2: Udders! This is fake, but it's still hilarious.

    #1: Hadouken! Ben comes to Hurley. Hurley attacks.

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  • Coraircate

    Richard and Jacob?

    October 10, 2009 by Coraircate

    It's pretty clear that Jacob has something to do with Richard being able to look the same throughout time (aside from the crew appointing one actor to play a single character to save money). Could it be possible that Richard is:

    • Jacob's son?
    • Some kind of zombie that was dead and revived by Jacob to be the same age forever?
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