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The Lost executive producers/showrunners/head writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have constantly said how one of the biggest inspirations for their show is the works of Stephen King, specifically his The Dark Tower series.

Now, in this epic series of seven novels, the character of Roland spends the entire time searching for the mythical Dark Tower, said to be the centre of all Universes. However, at the end of the final novel, Roland discovers, to his horror, that he has found his way to the Tower many times before, and is sent back in time and space to the exact moment book one begins, with no memory of his trip, and this will occur over and over again until Roland realises that finding the Tower is not the most important thing in the world. This time though, he has a new object with him, which may alter his journey significantly.

In Lost’s fifth season finale, The Incident, part one, Jacob and his nemesis discuss how ‘it only ends once; everything until then is just progress’, seeming to refer simply to life itself. This is very similar to Roland’s journey to the Dark Tower; he constantly relives the same events, slightly changed each time, until something big happens (presumably he decides to abandon his search for the Tower); up until this point, everything is just ‘progress’.

So, what if Jacob and his nemesis picked out a number of particular people for a purpose which we are yet to see; maybe they are to do something big, and continue to relive events over and over again, with no memory of previous times, until they do said something; this is their Destiny.

That’s the general idea; here’s an idea of that idea:

Jacob and his nemesis picked out a number of particular people for a purpose which we are yet to see; they were all placed onto Oceanic Flight 815 etc. and were going to be taken out of the plane via something like the white light (though maybe not this exactly as this is linked to time travel) once above the Island, and once there they would be able to complete their unknown destinies.

HOWEVER, something happened.

Desmond happened.

Jacob and his nemesis surely knew about Desmond pushing the button, but they did not foresee Desmond failing to push the button on one day of all days; September 22nd 2004. So when Desmond did fail to push the button (although he managed to moments later), the contained electromagnetic energy at the Swan site was released and dragged the plane out of the air, which was something Jacob and his nemesis had not planned for; the Crash of Oceanic Flight 815. And, as Desmond meddled with their plans, this could explain why Desmond is special.

And now, instead of an easy and simple plan where the Chosen are safely taken onto the Island, a massive disaster occurs with the deaths of many; many unnecessary deaths. So, what if Jacob and his nemesis postponed their plans and set new ones in motion; to have this event reset. And therefore, our characters live the entire events of seasons 1-5 over and over again, only slightly different each time (hence the numerous ‘continuity errors’ throughout the show), until finally, they manage to succeed in their task; Juliet detonates Jughead. Hence, the ‘it only ends once; everything until then is just progress’; each time they fail to detonate the bomb, time is reset by Jacob and his nemesis to some point in the past, presumably the day of the crash. So, the electromagnetic energy never existed in 2004, and Oceanic Flight 815 never crashes; hence, the Chosen must come to the Island by another route; a safer route, one that will not result in many unnecessary deaths.

There may be some holes here; but this is meant to be a general ‘idea’, or outline. It does, however, explain some plot details (I think) in terms of: ‘what happens if Juliet failed to detonate the bomb?’ Well, this is what I believe to be the usual ending to this ‘time’, with all of them dying and the bomb becoming the fail safe key, and then Jacob and his nemesis send our heroes back in time to start again; maybe Juliet wasn’t around the first times, and it was because of her involvement that everything went to plan this time; Elizabeth Mitchell has stated her character’s return is ‘pivotal’ to the shows plotline in season six. After all, there was always an incident; just this time Juliet detonated Jughead, whereas usually she failed to (or she was never there), going back to the idea that the bomb became the fail safe key; Juliet could in fact be very special – is this possibly connected to her not being visited by Jacob in the season five finale?

The producers have been asked for confirmation that Desmond’s failure in pushing the button is what crashed Oceanic Flight 815, to which they said it was, and it is what physically brought the characters to the Island, to me hinting that they would have ended up there even if Desmond had not failed in button pushing. And in term of the ‘continuity errors’ in the show (i.e.: Desmond in season five stating he was on the Island for 4 years, as opposed to the 3 years he claimed he was there for in seasons 2-4, and the slight differences in scenes when we see them replayed in a later episode or from another point of view); check out what Lostpedia’s episode articles have to say about that; there are far too many. I can’t believe Lost’s crew have screwed up so badly – hence I think this theory could work; there have been slight changes each time they attempt this. And also, maybe it wasn’t Jacob and his nemesis but just Jacob, hence his flashbacks in the fifth season finale; or is he here visiting these characters to stop the crash? And I know that the discussion between Jacob and his nemesis takes places a couple of hundred years before Ocean Flight 815 crashes, but still. And yes, I know this in no way explains Ilana’s involvement in the show. And uhuh, there’s more to the story of Locke’s nemesis and Locke himself, that is not explained here. Again, it’s just a general outline; no it does not explain everything.

Thanks :D.

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