LOST Theory – Lost/Star Wars, Jacob/Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ben Linus & Jacob’s Nemesis/Darth Vader, Jack Shepard/Luke Skywalker.

Lost has been filled with references to the creators and writers favorite novels and films etc. One of these is the Star Wars saga. So, here’s my Jacob theory, my Ben theory and then, my Jack theory:

Jacob is like Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi-Wan let himself die by the hands of his enemy (and his old apprentice, but I’ll get onto this after) and became “more powerful than you [Vader] could possibly imagine”. Jacob let himself die at the hands of his enemy. Who knows, maybe in season six, he’ll return, aiding Jack etc, having become more powerful than ever.

As for the apprentice, Vader was also Obi-Wan’s old apprentice. Maybe, Jacob’s nemesis was once some sort of apprentice to Jacob, or, this could be seen as Ben – who was the leader of the Others, and hence a sort of “apprentice” to Jacob, and he is the one who physically killed him. Hm? And Vader became antagonistic toward Obi-Wan, and they became enemies – seems to be similar…

Now for Jack; keep in mind, I’m very fond of my Jacob/Obi-Wan theory and my Ben + Jacob’s Enemy/Darth Vader theory, but still think this one is also a possibility.

On April 1st 2009, the producers played an April Fool’s joke that said M. Night Shyamalan would direct the final episode of Lost. It was said that this could be a hint from the producers that the final episode will contain a huge twist in the show, similar to the films of Shyamalan, particularly The Sixth Sense. In The Sixth Sense, Bruce Willis’ character turns out to have been dead all along. Now, in Lost, it is has been revealed that ‘dead is dead’. So, when it seemed that John Locke had returned to life, it was thought by everyone that Locke was indeed, very special. However, of course, it turned out that Locke never returned to life.

BUT – what if Jack Shepard, who is, after all, the Hero and main main character of the show, has been dead all along? Or he died and returned to life, and therefore would be very, very special? After all this time we thought it was Locke who would be the really special one, it could be Jack, and he could have been dead at some point, most likely after the crash, but returned to life, hence being the one true exception to the rule that is dead is dead. Then, Jack could be like Luke Skywalker, as he could possibly take over the role of being the Island’s leader – Jacob’s heir/apprentice, like Luke is to Obi-Wan. This can have some more confidence added to it because of a quote from Damon Lindelof when asked if Jack will die in the final episode: “I wish I could answer that question…But it’d be like watching The Sixth Sense and knowing Bruce Willis is dead”. Why quote this film in particular? Hm…

Whaddya think?

ALSO – in keeping with the whole ‘Lost is Star Wars’ theme, I know that the producers originally tried to get a total of five seasons for the show but hey – Six Episodes of Star Wars, Six Seasons of Lost.

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