Hey guys, so I've had a couple of ideas for what the end of Lost could be like, these being ones I particularly like:

  • At the end of all, we go to an unknown time in the future, where we see another plane crash on the Island, and JJ (JacobJack), wherever he is (statue?) looks up at the breaking plane, or looks from a distance high up down at the beach(?) where the wreckage is, and gives a small smile - new others, new candidates etc (maybe too soon), but then the show begins and ends with a plane crash.
  • I had an idea walking home from college: what if, maybe, a couple of thousand years later or whatever, Jack decides to get a replacement, travels back in time (intentioanlly?) and finds said replacemet - Mother. Then, all those ideas about Lost being a loop (something I never believed myself) could be true. But I'm not sure about this - she doesn't seem to be the kinda person Jack would chooose, unless he knew it 'had to be her.
  • My favourite idea would be, something going on on the Island (dunno what, a closing scene, Jack taking up residency in statue?) intercut with slow-mo scene to sad(ish, more slow) music as we see the characters board Oceanic Flight 815, much like the end of Exodus (ever since I saw that episode - which happens to be my favourite - I've wanted the ending of the show to be similar - it all began with this plane crash after all, these characers aboard this destined flight etc.).

Som what do you guys and gals think of these? And how would you like to see Lost end?

AND ALSO: I think we all know the ending of the show will leave unanswered questions and room for interpretation, SO: will any of you guys return here to continue blogging and theorising? I'd love to, but if no one else will return, obviously I won't if no one else does.  ?

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