Now, for a while, I've been thinking that there have been subtle hints in Lost pointing toward the possible inclusion of aliens in the shows mythology. This began with the Mysteries of the Universe, in which aliens are seen in the opening credits. Then there was the Monster claiming it just wanted to go home, which just screamed 'E.T! ET!' in my head, although we now know he 'used to be a man', so I'm thinking possibly not. But now, I was just researching the number 51, to see if there is any significance to this number after the relevation that Kate's candidate number is 51. And then the obvious hit me: Area 51 aka 'Conspiracy Theory Central'. Whilst I don't actually think there are aliens in the show...are these possible hints? Or maybe 51 could just be a cool reference to the fact the showrunenrs are big sci-fi fans. Hm?

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