So, we're (sadly) nearing the end of LOST, and I think we have enough building blocks to start putting together plausible theories as to what particular myserties are, what's actually going on and how it will all end. So I've decided to pool a bunch of my ideas together, followed by a couple of theories I was certain about but, due to recent events, have been proven to be wrong.

I also, unfortunately, was stupid enough to let myself discover a couple of spoilers about the upcoming episodes (I only know 1 or 2 very ambiguous things) but I swear and promise to you right now, I will not feature any of them in this blog. So don't worry :D.

1. The Monster

The Monster is, quite simply, the physical embodiment of evil. The most horrifying, dark and monstrous thing in existence. People always talk about "evil"; well, this quite simply is Evil itself in physical form. Some people might see this as a cop out, I personally think it'd be great.

2. The Numbers

The Numbers have no, shall we say, 'origin'. They are just a cool little thing; a series of six numbers that occur repeatedly throughout our character's lives, in both small and big ways. They are a recurring theme; things that crop up here and there in cool little ways such as: the Valenzetti Equation, the Candidates, the Transmission, the Computer Code, Locke's time in the wheelchair and Rousseau's time on the Island, as well as small ways like character's seat numbers, the plane number, the appearences on sport player's shirts (In "Exodus") etc. They are an integral part of destiny, particulary these character's destiny and the Island. But I don't think we'll discover their origin, and personally hope we don't - for me, it'd be a bit like discovering the midichlorian's are the force.

3. The Others

The Others are Jacob's attempt at creating a utopian society on the Island, made up completely of people he sees as being "good people", both becuase he thinks this is a good thing to do, and to show MIB that good does lie within humanity.

4. The Island

The Island is an island. A very special island. It moves through space and time, heals the sick and has an amount of electromagnetism so strong it could destroy the world. Yet, at the end of the day, it is an island. But it also houses evil: it houses the physical embodiment of evil (the Monster) and it's 'sickness'; evil that canbe spread from one person to another. It is like a prison for this evil, and this could ultimately be it's purpose in the universe (though it could have existed before the evil was brought there, and therefore making it a prison at a later date).

5. How It Will End

Quite simply, a candidate (Jack, methinks) will become the new leader of the Island. The Monster, and therefore evil, will not be destroyed or killed, as, after all, evil will always exist in the world. Maybe Richard will stay on as Jack's second-in-command, or he'll die and someone else will take his place (Hurley, methinks).

Now for something I think is possiblle, though I'm not sure about it

6. Previous Life

Jacob is trying to create a utopian society, but he attempted this once before, creating a whole damn city or civilization possibly, who created structures of all sorts, including the Ruins and the Statue of Tawaret. But they, like all humans, argued, and their society fell apart and possibly some kkind of war broke out. Maybe this began the whole "humanity is bad; no, they're good, and I'll prove it!" thing between Jacob and MIB. Maybe they are the last remaining survivors of this civilization, though probably not, as Jacob said he brought people to the Island previosuly, but they all died - unless he's already attempted at creating a utopian society (which is probably tue methinks).

And now for something I got wrong.

7. Richard and more

Richard was an Egyptian slave who ultimately helped build Tawaret. All the hints he was on the Black Rock just seeme dto easy to me. I also thought the Monster destroyed Tawaret, and possibly dragged the Black Rock inland after strecthing out one of it's "arms" to get it. Ah well.

So there we go. 9 episodes left. Who knows what'll happen.

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