I was just thinking recently about how there seems to be a game of sorts going on between Jacob and the Man in Black, pointed at by that clue in Pilot. And now, Locke has been dragged into this. And I got to thinking about references throughout the series that link Locke to games, and whilst there have been MANY references to games in general (Walt vs. Hurley at Backgammon for instance), I found at least one per season involving Locke, and these are them. I'm sure there are more, but hey:

Season 1

Pilot: Part 2: Locke explains the rules of backgammon to Walt.

Deus Ex Machina Locke explains to a young boy the rules of the game moustrap, and that it was his favourite game as a child and that he used to play it with his (foster) brother.

Exodus: Part 2: When moving the dynamite from the Black Rock very slowly, Locke asks Jack if he ever used to play games, particulary Operation. He expalins how he always used to get nailed on the funny bone. As he then reaches for the next stick of dynamite, he breaks the tense silence with a 'bzzz!', making Jack jump. Smiling at this, he's asked by Jack if he likes playing games. Smiling more, Locke responds, without any doubt, "Absolutely".

I also remember Locke asking Walt if he wants to play backgammon, saying "It's been a while since we had a game", although I can't remember where this is from. I'll look it up soon.

Season 2

Abandoned After hearing from Claire that Charlie is carrying a statue of the Virgin Mary with him, Locke subtly approaches charlie about his current relationship with heroin over a game of backgammon, where Locke get's double sixes, to which Charlie remarks "lucky you".

Collision Locke, sitting at the computer in the Swan, is seen filling in a crossword; particulary, we see him filling in the word 'games', before Jack and Kate come in, followed by Eko carrying Sawyer, distracting Locke's attention.

Season 3

Enter 77 In the Flame station, Locke plays a computer version of chess against the computer's AI. Coincidentally, when Locke wins, he's given the chance to blow up the station. Anyone else think this could forshadow a possibility that, when the game between Jacob and his nemesis is won, the winner will have the oppurtunity to blow up, or more at least 'destroy', the Island?

Season 4

The Shape of Things to Come Locke plays a game of Risk with Hurley and Sawyer and, to a stretch, Aaron, as Hurley is holding him. Coincidentally, when Sawyer attacks Siberia, and wins, Hurley, presumably talking to Sawyer, says "I can't believe you just agve him [Locke] Australia. Australia's the key to the whole game." And don't forget, Oceanic Flight 815 took off from Sydney, Australia...

Cabin Fever As a child, Locke is setting up a game of what I think is backgammon (possibly moustrap), before his foster-sister tells him it's a "stupid" game.

Season 5

This Place Is Death I couldn't find any refernces involving Locke to games this season, but when he's about to decend into the well in this episode, Sawyer aks him if he wants them to lower him down, to which he replies, with a smile, "Where would be the fun in that?".

Again, there may be more, but there's at leats one per season there. Whaddya think?

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