Sorry if this has already been posted or something:

Got to thinking about thow Christian's coffin and Locke's knives went missing from Oceanic Flight 815 in the alternate timeline in LA X. I remember back in 316, how, when flying over the Island, there's a bright white light and Jack and co. are on the Island. My mate and I got to talking: clearly people can literally be 'taken' or 'picked' from the planbe and placed on the Island. The white light was surely due to the characters travelling back through time. So, could something be 'taken' from the plane and put on the Island without a light, if it were to arrive at the present time? My mate said that this maybe happened on Flight 815 the first time around, which I persoanlly disagreed with - but what if, in this alternate timeline, when flying over the (submerged) Island, Christian's body + coffina nd Locke's knives are 'taken' from the plane and placed on the Island? I'm not sure why Locke's knives would be, but Christian seems to have some connection with the Island, especially if you believe that the Christian we see on the Island is not the monster. So...for some reason? Just ebcuase it's underwater doesn't mean it doesn't...'fucntion', for lack of a better word.

Whaddya think?

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