So I was thinking about Sawyer and Juliet and had a couple of thoughts:

What if, as Juliet said to Sawyer in 'The Incident', "If I never meet you, then I never have to lose you", in the alt. timeline, they're still together, and she ends up losing him anyway? I know everything seems pretty much perfect so far for our characters in this timeline (though Jack's wasn't exactly) but hey? It'd be pretty ironic, hm?


I was watching that scene from 'The Little Prince' where the characters are in the outrigger and are getting shot at by some unseen foes, and Juliet manages to shoot (and probably) kill one. I got to thinking here: what if this was Sawyer she shot? Maybe this is MIB's team of people he gathers to leave the Island or something later in the season? Be something, wouldn't it?

Just some thoughts.

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