How did you feel?

Just got to wondering, how did all you guys initially feel at the following moments in the show; what were you first reactions when:

  • It was revealed that Walt had special supernatural 'abilities' in Special
  • The sky turned purple and there was the loud humming noise in Live Together, Die Alone
  • Desmond's conciousness went back in time in Flashes Before Your Eyes
  • Desmond revealed he could see the future in Flashes Before Your Eyes
  • Locke revelaed they needed to move the Island in Cabin Fever
  • The Island moved in There's No Place Like Home
  • Time travel was fully introduced in Because You Left
  • The Monster was revealed to be a man in LA X

I personally feel these are all kind of 'mind-fuck' moments in the show. The 1st and 5th moments in the list are times I actually thought 'hang on a minute...really?' but quickly got used to it :p.

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