Hey team!

So, I was just wondering if I could get some clarification about Desmond's timeline. As far as I'm aware:

  • Desmond lived a particular day out. He then re-lived this day (Flashes Before Your Eyes) but didn't change anything; like replaying an already completed level on a video game, but sticking with your original save file. Because if he did change events on this day, Charlie would have recognised him on the Island afterwards, and that flashback in Greatest Hits would have seen Desmond approach Charlie, rather than not show up at all. Hm?

As for the whole 'The Constant' stuff - hm? It seems it all happened like this, as Penny then turned out to have been waiting for his call all this time after all. HOWEVER, how come he didn't remember time travelling between '96 and '04 when these events finished? Did these events ALWAYS happen, or did things change? In Live Together, Die Alone, when Desmond and Penny meet - I can't help but think they woulda mentioned this, or at least she would of (I know season 4 hadn't been written yet but hey). So, did Desmond create a new 'event', so to speak? Also, upon his return to 2004, we see shots of Desmond walking away from Penny's, despite the fact his conciousness is in 2004. Am I just overanalyzing this?

One more question - in Desmond's whole re-living events in season 3, how did Eloise turn up and intervene and know who he was etc? Have I missed something maybe, or am I just looking into it too much?

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