• CooperSimply

    I know it's not Lost, but I know a lot of people here, including myself, love these books. And they had a part in inspiring/influencing Lost. Not sure how I feel about this: would prefer if J.J and Darlton had stuck to it. How do you all feel about it?

    Better not begin before I finish the books.

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  • CooperSimply

    If you haven't heard about some of the secrets reveale din the Complete Collection Box Set, and dont' want to, then stop reading. Now.

    I've heard then that in said box set is an entry from the Black Rock journal. So, I was just hoping to get some clarification - is it definite then that the guys shooting at Sawyer and co. in the infamous outrigger scene were members from the Black Rock (presumably sent forwards in time by coming through 'the radius' at the wrong point)? And if so, how would they have seen Sawyer and co. disappear in "a flash of heavenly light", as I didn't think other people would see the time-travel light. Like when Richard saw to Locke, and Sawyer was close to Kate when Claire gave birth?

    Or am I wrong?

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  • CooperSimply

    Hey guys,

    Now the show is over (I've even seen the epilogue, although I know I should have waited 'till the DVD - and don't worry, no spoilers here), there are only two things in 'Lost' which still bug me:

    a) What exactly is the official 'definition' of the Monster?

    b) Who was that mysterious figure in the cabin?

    A lot of people seem to think that the mysterious figure is the monster/man in black. Personally I disagree - I just don't think it makes any sense. It could, if only there weren't 'protective ash' scattered around it. But this blog isn't about him.

    It's about the Smoke Monster.

    I still don't entirely understand what it is. I understand Mr. Nameless gets sent into the Cavern O' Light and comes out as smoke, but, honestly, to me it s…

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  • CooperSimply

    Hey ya'll, been a while, but for some reason I wasn't able to log in. No worries.

    I just wanna apologise if this has already been cleared up, or if someone has already posted this idea.

    Concerning Mr. Desmond Hume.

    Whilst I buy that electromagnetism could send his conciousness back and forth through time, I don't understand how it could send him to a place that exists after death, even though it did. But, despite this, I understand it happened, but didn't entirely understand why he didn't seem to freakout when he first got there.

    Then I had an idea.

    I'm currently onto the second volume of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, The Drawing of the Three. In this, Roland of Gilead comes across three doors (I presume, I'm onto number 2) on a beach. …

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  • CooperSimply

    Was just wondering, are there any theories you guys came up with that you really would have liked to be true? Here's one I had:

    After hearing but not seeing the opening scene of season 6, and then the trailer for season 6 that showed all the characters on the Island, and we saw all these new mysterious others, I kinda thought: well maybe, after detonating the bomb, they find themselves in a very-unique time - 'the time between times' if you like. Nothing exists in, moment, besides the Island and these others on it (and Locke MIB can come eher as he pleases, it seems), sort of like the purgatory-ish King's Cross Harry goes to in Deathly Hallows when he dies - except this Island isn't purgatory (it made sense to me) and, the survi…

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