Logical/satisfactory ending possible?

Hi @all

I'm a huge fan since season one. But I must say that I'm a little dissappointed with how a few things developed so far. Contrary to being solved, still more mysteries came up with every new season/episode. Although the producers stated that everything will be solved at the end, I simply don't believe that they will be able to "sum up" things to a logical conclusion. I think that they had a complete different idea for an ending when they started producing Lost. But the commercial success made them to introduce more sideplots, characters, mysteries & possible solutions. e.g they once declared that there is no time travel involved.. now it all besically comes down to just that - which, in my opinion, is very unsatisfactory and not "fair" to all of us who spent many hours reading/thinking about possible explanations. I guess at the end of all we will still be LOST. Completelylost 14:38, 11 August 2009 (UTC)

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