• Completely Lost

    Random Theory

    April 13, 2009 by Completely Lost

    I know this is irrelevant to recent episodes, but I think I figured out why babies that are both conceived and born on the Island die, starting around 2000. My theory is that after the Purge, there was still a slight contamination in the air, and therefore the babies are poisoned as soon as they are conceived, resulting in the death of the child and the mother.

    Any comments? This is my first post, so please don't tell me I'm totally crazy!

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  • Completely Lost

    I was just thinking the other day, and I think I figured out why starting around the 2000s babies could not be both conceived and born on the Island. (I know, this is really random based on recent episodes.)

    Juliet was brought to the Island to figure out the birthing issue that the Island has. However, when she delivers Ethan in 1977, he comes out perfectly fine. My theory is that the problem started after the Purge. The small amount of gas from the canisters that is left in the atmosphere infects the baby at conception, therefore killing the baby and its mother later on.

    Well, either that or Jacob just doesn't want any babies to be born on the Island.

    Tell me what you think! (This is my first blog post.)

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