• Colvincd

    Although LOST seems to be setting us up for Gotterdammerung in the final season, I have a few questions about Kate, Jack and Daniel Faraday that I'd love to hear some ideas about:

    1. Kate is the only 815 passenger to remember the crash. What did she see and is it significant?

    2. What did The Others do to Kate while she was imprisoned at the Hydra that required Ben to try and set up a "good memory" for via breakfast?

    3. While imprisoned at the Hydra, why did Jack hear both Kate and his father over the supposedly broken intercom?

    4. What is the significance, if any, of the card game Daniel and Charlotte played after arriving?

    5. Was the video in Room 23 made by the Dharma Initiative, and if it was, why did it discuss Jacob?

    This is all over …

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