Hello. First post, yay for me! Hopefully, I will not make myself the complete laughing stock of the interwebs, and single-handedly ruin the credibility of crazy harebrained Lost theorists everywhere! :)

Sooo... I've been noticing a lot of continued speculation on the identity of Christian. Is he the Man in Black? Jacob?? Or a 3rd party???

As far as him being the MIB: Maybe. But, it's looking less and less that way isn't it? And here's why...

In last night's episode, Claire referred to her father (Christian) and "her friend" (MIB) as being 2 separate people. Also, earlier in the season, Ilana told Ben that MIB was "stuck" in the form of Locke, which I assume implies that he can't take on another "body" form. (?)

Also, we can all agree that Christian (whomever he is) was found inside of Jacob's Cabin at one point, right? We saw him there with Claire when he told Locke to move the island. Well, and this is something I have yet to see mentioned (though I'm sure it has), the very FIRST appearance where we could definitely tell that Christian was in The Cabin was the first episode of Season 4, "The Beginning of the End." About 24 minutes or so in, Hurley approaches The Cabin and peers inside... And what does he see? Christian. In the rocking chair, right? He's silhouetted, yes, but you can tell it's him: he's clearly wearing a suit, and those unmistakable pristine white tennis shoes are present. But then, and this is (to me) the important part, a SECOND person appears in The Cabin! The face that pops up really quick in front of the window. This is not Christian as you can clearly see Christian in the background when that face pops up.

I believe this second person in The Cabin was MIB.

Now... Of course, you can make the argument that MIB, and his super-sweet bullet-stoppin', shape-shiftin', smoke-monsterin' self could surely master the ability of appearing as 2 bodies in such close-quarters.

Sure, he could. Hypothetically. But, I think that's making the evidence more complicated than it needs to be, when nothing at all actually suggests that.

Many of you may also make the argument that MIB wasn't in The Cabin, that that was in fact Jacob. And that Christian was telling the truth when he told John that he "speaks for Jacob." I don't think so. I think that's all part of the manipulative actions of the MIB. It appears that Christian is in cahoots with the MIB... Evidence of this includes Christian telling Sun and Lapidus to "wait for John Locke" back at the Barracks in Season 5, Christian helping to ensure that JOHN moved the island (so he would get off the island and ultimately die, so MIB could take his body upon returning...), and the fact that both Christian and MIB have been seen palling around with Claire.

Soooo.... I guess what the real question is, if Christian is not MIB than who exactly is he?

Is he a reanimated, "infected" Christian? (remember Sayid was dead too...and now he's "infected." And it was his miraculous resurrection that alarmed the Others and tipped them off to the fact that he was infected.) Claire was also infected, and now she's all buddy-buddy with the MIB.

So, yeah. Christian infected? This seems the most likely, based on what we know. And many of you seem to think this. Any other theories?

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