• Collapsiblecup

    ...everything else is just progress.

    Kinda makes perfect sense now, in light of what we now know about the Flash Sideways. :)

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  • Collapsiblecup

    First, allow me to apologize for the stupid punny title.

    Second, allow me to apologize for posting yet another blog about the whispers.

    Now that that's out of the way, I wanted to forego any personal opinion I have about the not-too-surprising-to-anyone revelation about what the whispers were and just say that we'll get a little more in-depth into them. I believe that the whispers are very much intertwined with some of the bigger secrets of the island, including The Man in Black, the identity of Christian and possibly the very nature of the island itself.

    Think of many of the instances in which we hear the whispers. People often mention how they are associated with the Others, but think of some of the other times they've been heard when the M…

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  • Collapsiblecup

    Hello. First post, yay for me! Hopefully, I will not make myself the complete laughing stock of the interwebs, and single-handedly ruin the credibility of crazy harebrained Lost theorists everywhere! :)

    Sooo... I've been noticing a lot of continued speculation on the identity of Christian. Is he the Man in Black? Jacob?? Or a 3rd party???

    As far as him being the MIB: Maybe. But, it's looking less and less that way isn't it? And here's why...

    In last night's episode, Claire referred to her father (Christian) and "her friend" (MIB) as being 2 separate people. Also, earlier in the season, Ilana told Ben that MIB was "stuck" in the form of Locke, which I assume implies that he can't take on another "body" form. (?)

    Also, we can all agree that Chri…

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