"Actually, in calm seas, with a good pilot, we could survive a water landing." Fateful words from John to Boone, methinks. I' glad 815 didn't crash in the FST. But why would Desmond run John over? Maybe Locke is not supposed to see the OT? Because he damn sure has a lot to gain (walking) by going there. Too bad it's underwater. And maybe Des being in a well keeps him safe for the time being. I mean, if he "understands" what needs to be done...good for him. Hopefully everyone else does, too. Maybe there's some MacCutcheon down there he can pass the time with. Either Des is going to try and stop MIB from getting off the island for Widmore, or he's going to make sure Widmore never goes home. As for Locke, I think a car crash is sort of a rude way of getting Jack to "reverse" John's injuries. At least Locke will already be in the hospital(!) Fly Charlie, fly.

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