Where are Rose and Bernard? Retired? They knew the Dharma initiative was looking for them in 1974-1977,
so staying away is something we can expect. Rose did not want to leave THE ISLAND, so perhaps they are
avoiding MIB and ILLANA'S groups in the hope they will be able to continue their time together. We know
Vincent was with them and he runs all over the place. So perhaps in 2004, ADAM and EVE are Rose and
Bernard. After all, if they did not flash with THE INCIDENT, their clothes would have taken almost three
decades to decompose like they did. This was stated when they were first discovered. If so, did they not
flash because their will, their FREE WILL enabled them to go the way they wanted...together? Or maybe
they resided in 1977 because they became or always were DHARMA trying from the future to resurrect
itself in the past by avoiding a PURGE. I believe it is MIB who is the Head of DHARMA. The Black Rock
was shipwrecked by Magnus Hanso. Alvar Hanso had founded the Funded the Dharma Initiative while
possessing the First Mate's Journal. Subsequently, Charles Widmore aquired it at auction and has
now returned to the island in a submarine. After all, he is heavily invested in the island. Since this
is MIB's most probable way off the island, it is clear Widmore is there to give him a ride. Furthermore,
MIB believes in free will. Jacob told Hurley to go to the lighthouse with Jack because someone was coming
and needed to get there. Jacob knew Jack would break the Mirrors set to 108, Wallace. Wallace is a
surrogate name for Widmore. But how did Widmore get to the island if it's own attractor was broken? The
LAMPOST? Perhaps. If this is the case I would anticipate Eloise to be in a bit of trouble because she is
obviously all about DESTINY, like Jacob. Think Desmond. Once everyone is off the island I believe it will
sink in 2007 never to be found again. THE END...

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