Anyone ever see "The Gospel of John?" It's a word-for-word filming of the gospel starring none other than Henry Ian Cusick as Jesus. It was produced before LOST, brotha! Now imagine a man whose body was stolen by a MALEVOLENT and interfering man named JACOB. This man realizes sin is in every man's heart, yet behavior, as in big industry (money changers), will be dispensed with. Think Sharia LAW. The law of Islam, for which Jesus is a prophet. It does not allow for interest-bearing banking. Currently, there are banks all over the middle east in which interest-free banking practice is not only normal but expected. Jacob, the Pharisee is dead. And MIB will be able to figure out how to go HOME with both Desmond and Sayid at his side. Who is Widmore? MANIPULATION, "You're not going to steal any more are you, Katie (just so I can tempt someone into sinning to get you to the island to be a crossed-out candidate)" is not an acceptable REQUEST from a stranger.--Colinlcamp.ME 07:55, April 1, 2010 (UTC) I AM AN ATHEIST. JACK HAS MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER AND IS AN "ANGEL OF MERCY." HE WAKES UP NO MATTER WHAT! p.s. in the medical community, an angel of mercy kills people before their time, out of some pathological Munchausean need in thesmselves..."1,2,3,4,5." THE END.

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