Imagine Taweret observing the seas for people coming to the island. No noise. No destruction. "It's just an island." It's Taweret's island. So, even if the people who built the ancient (in)structures of Taweret's island, with the statue as emblematic and figurative guardian of the island, if they were good people, we must conclude Taweret is the force of the island. Taweret is the goddess of BIRTH (a volcanic island), REBIRTH (new eruptions with new "ELECTROMAGNETIC" activity), and looking to the NORTH (in the U.S. the symbol of and obtainer of FREEDOM). So why did Jacob bring slave traders to the island in 1867 while squatting underfoot of the guardian? Better still, if "They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same.", WHY would Jacob bring them to destroy the statue itself? The symbol of the island ITSELF? I say, get all these f-ers off the island. How, if Jacob keeps bringing people aboard the island is it going to be safe? "It doesn't need protecting." Jacob lied. The Smoke Monster wants and will have his body back (at least so far as he is concerned) once the island is vacant. Remember JACOB IS DEAD. Then the ever-moving island will be LOST. THE END.

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