SEAN SHEEP shows foreknowledge on his post before the next episode. Here is his OWN blog The Blog:

"Sean Sheep 22:29, May 4, 2010 I fully agree. Who is this guy Sean Sheep anyway?

I think we should stopall this nonsense and get back to talking about the real issues, for example whether MiB was really Christian (... on the other hand - perhaps he was Jewish? Now there's a thought!) "

SO, Sean...Christians get baptized. MIB went in the water. He was baptized. To confirm, Jesus, a Jew was baptized. The water (not "Island" arguement). Therefore, lucky coincidence or FOREKNOWLEDGE? But hey, at least he has to wait until FRIDAY to watch the hoo!

Thanks "Rays", ya.........!

p.s. I'm an atheist. p.p.s. Sean, I hope you figured it out.

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