I saw an edit on the "Adam and Eve" entry that suggested the bodies were over 2000 years old. But I didn't see any giveaway clues of the time period in this episode.

  • I'm no medieval fashion guru. To me those outfits looked like they could have been from anywhere in the range 1000BC-1600AD.
  • Latin was spoken, which would suggest at least Roman times. We saw modern Spanish (Claudia was speaking Spanish, right?) and English as well. As for the English (and the 20th century American accents of little Jacob and little MIB), we just suspend disbelief, as this is obviously necessary to communicate the story. But why introduce the Spanish?
  • MIB's knife, according to its Lostpedia entry, is Roman. It has an image of Romulus and Remus on it. Since MIB seems to have gotten the knife from the people, this might suggest that the people from the ship WERE Roman. So then we'd be talking Roman times here, which would mean 2000 years old is about right.

Anything more concrete than this?

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