• Coleszilla

    Hi all --

    Can anyone suggest some well-written Lost readings, suitable for someone familiar with the show but interested in comprehensive post-mortem analysis? Lostpedia in its entirety would surely cover this, but we're up to 6900 articles here. I'm looking for a thoughtful, edited piece that I can read beginning to end.

    Survivor has a "companion" book written (though probably ghost written) by Mark Burnett. Something like that, or better yet a high quality unofficial piece with insights and analysis, would be awesome.

    Thanks - Coleszilla

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  • Coleszilla

    Final plane crash?

    May 24, 2010 by Coleszilla

    What plane was that in the crash scene that came after the credit footage? Is this one last mindfuck they're giving us on the way out?

    • Theory #1 The Ajira flight crashed quickly after takeoff, so Lapidus et at all died and made it to the FST pronto.
    • Theory #2 It was the original 815 flight, everyone died on it, and the whole series was some kind of purgatory/afterlife
    • Theory #3 It was just footage of the original 815 crash -- no implications intended.

    I don't really like any of these. Anyone else got anything?

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  • Coleszilla

    Can anyone state this succinctly? It still is not completely obvious to me.

    Did we learn something new in this episode that we didn't know from past episodes? Or was it simply that the "we need a new protector" idea was finally spelled out unambiguously for all to see?

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  • Coleszilla

    I saw an edit on the "Adam and Eve" entry that suggested the bodies were over 2000 years old. But I didn't see any giveaway clues of the time period in this episode.

    • I'm no medieval fashion guru. To me those outfits looked like they could have been from anywhere in the range 1000BC-1600AD.
    • Latin was spoken, which would suggest at least Roman times. We saw modern Spanish (Claudia was speaking Spanish, right?) and English as well. As for the English (and the 20th century American accents of little Jacob and little MIB), we just suspend disbelief, as this is obviously necessary to communicate the story. But why introduce the Spanish?
    • MIB's knife, according to its Lostpedia entry, is Roman. It has an image of Romulus and Remus on it. Since…
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  • Coleszilla

    Why couldn't MIB find the light source (from above) the 30 years he looked for it? It may seem like a minor question, but it's bugging me.

    • Was it that he simply couldn't find it? => Seems odd - he had 30 years and was a special enough that during that time he built a fricking wormhole donkey wheel.
    • Or was it because only the island's protectors can see it? => But then how did he see it the first time when his mother showed it to him?
    • Or was it that because only the island's protector can see it, along with those the protector wishes to see it => But then how could he see the light from below?
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