In a final twist befitting JJ Abrams, it turns out Lost wasn't a television show but actually a movie series. It had the biggest all-star cast since Ocean's Thirteen. So who played who?

  • In a daring move, Jack was played by both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck taking turns.
  • Sawyer was portrayed by Brad Pitt, in what critics agree was his most shirtless role to date.
  • Did you recognize George Clooney playing John Locke? He shaved his head for the role and played up his gray hairy chest and stubbly beard.
  • Only Sarah Jessica Parker had the horse-face to pull off the role of Kate Austen.
  • In his creepiest role yet, Al Pacino wowed audiences as Benjamin Linus, the bug-eyed leader of the Others.
  • Lost will forever be known as the film that launched Shia Labeuf's career, unfortunately. He played Boone, who only lasted the first forty-five minutes of the first installment to the series.
  • Megan Fox was born to play Shannon Rutherford. By which I mean she's a total bitch-whore.
  • Johnny Depp shocked and awed the audience as former Iraqi Republican Guard torturer Sayid Jarrah.
  • Actress/godess Natalie Portman studied the australian accent for days to prepare for the role of Claire.
  • Chow Yun-Fat and Michelle Yeoh delighted audiences as troubled couple Jin and Sun Kwon.
  • Jack Black's performance as Hugo "Hurley" Reyes was as hilarious as it was touching.
  • Charlie Pace was played by that hobbit from Lord of the Rings.
  • Tom Cruise made a surprising cameo as creepy Other Ethan Rom.
  • For what is considered the bravest role in film history, Robert Downey, Jr. received a race-change operation to portray Michael Dawson.
  • I think it was obvious that they'd go with Gary Coleman to play Walt. No surprises there.
  • Brad and Angelina lent all of their almost two dozen babies to play Aaron and Ji-Yeon.
  • Finally, who can forget Jack Nicholson as pilot-turned-pilot Frank Lapidus?

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