• Cobblepot

    In a final twist befitting JJ Abrams, it turns out Lost wasn't a television show but actually a movie series. It had the biggest all-star cast since Ocean's Thirteen. So who played who?

    • In a daring move, Jack was played by both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck taking turns.
    • Sawyer was portrayed by Brad Pitt, in what critics agree was his most shirtless role to date.
    • Did you recognize George Clooney playing John Locke? He shaved his head for the role and played up his gray hairy chest and stubbly beard.
    • Only Sarah Jessica Parker had the horse-face to pull off the role of Kate Austen.
    • In his creepiest role yet, Al Pacino wowed audiences as Benjamin Linus, the bug-eyed leader of the Others.
    • Lost will forever be known as the film that launched Shia Labeuf…
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  • Cobblepot

    Does anyone else get the feeling that in the episode Flashes Before Your Eyes the flash he had is the same thing that the FST is? Not the same world, but the same concept. I think Desmond died when he turned the key and went to his own kind of Purgatory.

    Purgatory in Lost seems to revolve around a certain moment in one's life that ends up differently. For the FST it's the Oceanic 815 flight. In Flashes it's Desmond breaking up with Penny. In both "realities" Eloise seems to have inside knowledge and is actively working to convince Desmond of something. In Flashes she's trying to get him to repeat the OT events and break up with Penny, which he ultimately does. This somehow reincarnates him, though he doesn't know quite what happened. This is imp…

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  • Cobblepot

    So a common refrain today is the pointlessness of certain seasons, namely 5. I want us to have a discussion about each season's meaningfulness. Please post any and all thoughts you have. Air your grievances, or sing the praises.

    People really insist that Season 5 is pointless. I disagree. It's the first season Jack really started to "get it" and let go. From a mystery and mythology standpoint, it served to unmask (if not totally) certain mysteries, such as the DI and Rousseau. From a character development standpoint, it brought everyone closer to the end by settling relationships; Sawyer is officially over Kate, Jack and Kate realize they love each other but Jack's problems split them up, and Sawyer grows to love Juliet. Plus, I found the t…

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  • Cobblepot

    (Nothing in here is a spoiler. It's my theory and if any bit turns out to be true it is coincidental and not from previous knowledge.)

    I think I've figured out the loophole that let Ben kill Jacob. What it is, I think, is wanting to kill Jacob. Actually wanting to in his heart, which for the purpose of this theory means having a legitimate reason to hate Jacob and want him dead. It seems too easy, but here is my reasoning put into numbered points for no reason:

    1) When the Man in Black told Richard to kill Jacob, it seemed as though Jacob didn't know that's what the MiB is up to, despite MiB warning him that he'll find a loophole someday. Jacob also seemed genuinely stupefied when Richard told him the MiB will interfere with people even if J…

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