The Incident Parts I & II were two of the best hours of Lost yet. I thought that the writers were quite generous with the amount of information they provided, but the ending is just too much for my mind to handle! It is an absolute blank, they could write about pretty much anything, but at this point this is what I think would be cool to have, especially for a season premiere:

1. Oceanic 815 lands in LA, and all prominent cast members get off the plane:

     Think about how fantastic it would be to see everyone get off the plane. Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia, Libby, Eko, Charlie, Michael (although this would pose a problem with Walt unfortunately, unless they thought really far ahead!), and the recently deceased Sayid and recently revealed actually deceased Locke. Even bring in Nikki and Paulo for fun, why not? 

2. The Others recruiting Oceanic passengers:

     If we can assume that the likes of Richard, Eloise and Charles survived the detonation of the plutonium core, they would certainly understand that Jack, Kate, Sayid, Locke ect... would be special. Remember, everything up until the detonation would be in a normal timeline forward. 

3. DHARMA survive

     It would be very interesting if the DHARMA Initiative survives The Incident and the detonation. Remember, LaFleur gave Radzinsky the location of The Hostiles, maybe they will launch a preemptive strike, preventing The Purge?

4. Old Others we know and love:

     I'd love to see Ethan, Tom, Goodwin, Bea and of course Ben again. Perhaps as a result of the altered timeline some of them would end up with DHARMA instead, such as Ethan. 

5. Other other characters:

     I hope they would not abandon the stories of non-Oceanic characters, such as Danielle, Desmond and Penelope, and Juliet. If they pursue an altered timeline, the fates of these characters would be very interesting. Would Desmond even end up on the island? If the DHARMA Initiative survived would Juliet be recruited by them instead of The Others? Would Danielle, and perhaps Alex and the rest of the French science team, end up being incorporated into the DI ala Sawyer and company?

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