Well, as we all know season 6 is about to start , and there are already a lot of spoilers on the web , and I expect even more for the next days. A few weeks ago I unfortunatelly read some ( i shouldnt have done it ), and so I know a few things, but i'm not here to tell of course, i'm here to warn the rest of you, that i have already seen here on lostpedia, spoilers disguised as theories. yeah that's right, some by new users that come here to post spoilers thinking that maybe someone will remember they made a theory that turn out to be right, or that they're gonna accomplish something great. Well, guess what ? you're loosers, and you should get a fu**ing life, no one will ever remember you, bunch of idiots, i feel sad for those people... moving on, some older members are doing it too, i'll not reveal any names though. So, my advice to you all ( honest people ) is to stop comming here or stop reading theories , in about one month we will have the answers , we are waiting for a long time, one month is not gonna kill us right ? :)

as for me, see you when season 6 starts, I might come over every now and then, but only to participate in polls or some other posts that are NOT theories. I Hope you all true lost fans think about what I said. My best to you, Cleverdude.

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