Anything but aliens...sometimes I think about making this my new username.

Everyone's been posting their theory about who/what UnLocke is, and what will happen in Season 6. And while I, too, am one of the faithful who believes Darlton will not let us down, I can't help but wonder - what if they do? What if the final episode of LOST is some terrible, completely illogical and poorly-developed revelation that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth for ever wasting your time on this show?

For me, the only thing that could do that would be aliens - if we find out that the Island was built by some advanced species, which lead to the start of all human civilization (i.e. Stargate) and now the aliens are coming back for whatever reason...or anything along those lines.

So, is there anything that would ruin it for you? Would you accept any explanation for the series, or is there one or two things that are just completely off-limits?

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