"Jacob hates technology." ~Ben (from (The Man Behind the Curtain)

I started this series earlier this month to explore possible context clues the writers may have inserted about time-travel way before Season 5. I was one of those few fans who was confused and pissed off by the time-traveling – I felt it was kind of random and inserted in the plot without any real grounding or introduction. So I went digging to prove myself wrong and found some interesting trends involving technology on the Island. You can read Part 1 here, and then check out these possible Easter eggs and context clues below. Were these patterns the context clues pointing toward the Island's time-traveling nature all along? Or just another good use of creativity in an already awesome show?


It’s amazing all the ways you can maim a person on a deserted island that moves around the globe and throughout time. Even if you don’t include the arsenal Keamy and his team brought, we’ve seen an entire spectrum of weapons on the Island. Remember in Season 2 when Tom knocked out Michael with that cool-ass bolo? Or Season 3 when Alex pulled out her special issue Dennis-the-Menace-edition slingshot? And let's not forget everyone's favorite character, John Locke, showed up to the Island with a suitcase full of knives - a weapon Jacob seems to prefer as well. But the idea of weapons being a context clue for time-travel becomes especially interesting when you look at what kind of guns the characters have been using.

I won’t take the time to go through all of them, but will leave it at this. All the way back in Season 2’s episode, The Hunting Party, Tom holds Kate at gunpoint. The gun he used just happened to be, according to this Wiki, “ a WWI or WWII-era German Luger Parabellum P08 or Walther P38 pistol. After seeing Jughead, I think it’s clear the writers and producers may have been toying with us in more ways than we realized.

Air Traffic

Planes, Hot air balloons, helicopters – the Island has it all. In no particular order, we’ve seen the hot air balloon flown by Henry Gale, the Beachcraft from Eko’s flashbacks, the Freighter’s helicopters, and of course, Oceanic Flight 815. Again, these examples reinforce the possibility that the writers have intentionally been showing us the different forms of human air travel.

Boats, Canoes & Everything in Between

For being stuck on an Island, we've seen the survivors of Oceanic 815 on every type of water-travel related technology ever created. The first were the raft built under Michael's supervision - for all the other various rafts we've seen, follow the link. Next was the Black Rock, a slave ship in the style of man’s first great sailing boats. Then came the Pala Ferry used by Tom and the…er…other Others to kidnap Walt. Next came the Elizabeth, Desmond's sailboat at the start and end of Season 2. Season 3 introduced the Canoes, with and without sails, and ultimately, the Submarine and the Freighter. Finally, and this is a stretch, but you could even consider the various times people like Sawyer and Jin have had to swim/drift back to the Island as pieces of technology on this list because people were definitely swimming before they were sailing.

I'm confident now that these different technologies were in fact a means of implying time-travel was a possibility on the show. If these patterns, and the ones I listed in Part 1 of this series, had shown up with just one piece of technology, say the DHARMA tapes, I wouldn't think it was such a big deal. But for it to show up in so many different ways, I feel like they were definitely using this as another way to enhance the time-traveling motif.

As a sidenote, I read a blog entry the other day where someone said they thought Adam and Eve wouldn’t be explained because they were only mentioned once and that was in Season 1. Despite all the interviews, as shown in the A&E entry on this Wiki, where Darlton guarantee Adam & Eve are one of the biggest plot points in the series, I think clues like the ones I’ve listed here and in the Part I of this series, are good indicators that most of the major (and minor) plot points of LOST will be addressed.

But what do you think? Is this a pattern, or an coincidental string of plot devices? Did the writers intentionally show us pieces of technology from across the timeline of human history as a context clue building up to S5 (and possible S6)? Or did they just do it to keep the show fresh and interesting?

Thanks for reading. Please comment and rate and let me know what you think about this pattern, my writing, this article, etc.

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