Random Question - Season 5 Blu-Ray Set

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Hey all,

I received the S5 Blu-Ray set for Christmas and have a random question for all you other owners out there. I have all the other seasons on DVD, and each came with at least a small insert that listed which disc had which episode; S1-S3 had all the episode's titles and mini-descriptions. This set however, has nothing like it. I actually enjoy reading these things and was disappointed not to have one with this set. Am I missing it or did this season just not have one? Do all Blu-Ray season sets lack the inserts/booklets, or just this season? I'm also wondering if there's a difference between the general version that I have (with characters on the cover), and one I've seen that has a compass on the cover. I am already aware of the differences in the DHARMA survival kit version.

Thanks for any help offered.

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