Hey everyone...

Enjoyed tonight's episode. Excited about the plot progression but disappointed to see Sayid's "scale" completely topple toward the darkness. Anywhoo...

If you've been paying close attention, as I know you have, you would have noticed that the characters at the center of the first few S6 episodes followed the same pattern or order as Season 1. At first, it seemed like maybe the producers would follow the exact same pattern as S1, but with "Sundown" breaking the pattern, I came up with a minor thought/theory.

While episode 6 of S1, "House of the Rising Sun," focused on Sun the character, the title of that episode has an obvious connections with tonight's episode. Maybe this is the producer's way of making S6 "mirror" S1 - a slight change or difference to the way things were originally?

Probably not but it'd be cool if they did. Just a thought.

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