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Clayburn April 16, 2010 User blog:Clayburn

So, if you were a candidate, what would your number be? Keep in mind that it only matters if it's one of THE numbers. Just because you like 7 might mean that you'd be 7, but it would also mean you'd be crossed out.

I'm turning 23 next month, but I really dislike that number. So, I would hope that wouldn't be me. I feel like I'd be 4. Thinking back in my past, that was my early favorite number. I liked the purple 4 ball in a game of pool (billiards). My school bus was number 24, and I would pretend that the odds were the bad guys, and bus #4 was one of my main allies for no reason at all. When I need to think of a random number that would be too high to make sense in context, but exact enough to seem accurate, I'd go with 84. There are 4 people in my immediate family. April is the 4th month, and I've mentioned my birthday is next week.

Given all that, it just seems like 4 has more "feeling" to me. I will mention that I live on the 8th floor of my building, though.

Anyway, what's your number, fellow candidates?

4 - Griffin

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