I'd like to suggest a few improvements for the remastered 20-year anniversary version:

Kill Ricardus - Before getting on the outrigger, it was implied he was mortal again. The question about who, during the time flashes, fired on our Losties from the outrigger was never answered. Somehow, it should have been Miles, Lapidus and Richard. Richard gets shot, dies.

Sawyer kill Flocke - I don't like how Flocke went out. It was a grand duel between him and Jack, as it should have been. But then Kate (Who even likes Kate???) shows up out of nowhere and pops him in the back. That's about as lame as throwing a Sith Lord down a space station shaft. I propose Sawyer killing him instead. First, Sawyer has always been an antagonistic buddy of Doc. So, having his back would have been a nice partner move. Second, he needed redemption for killing Sun, Jin and Sayid.

That's all I got for now. What would you do differently? I'm going to rewatch soon. Let me know your ideas. I'll add to this list afterward.

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