• Clayburn

    Improve the Finale

    May 24, 2010 by Clayburn

    I'd like to suggest a few improvements for the remastered 20-year anniversary version:

    Kill Ricardus - Before getting on the outrigger, it was implied he was mortal again. The question about who, during the time flashes, fired on our Losties from the outrigger was never answered. Somehow, it should have been Miles, Lapidus and Richard. Richard gets shot, dies.

    Sawyer kill Flocke - I don't like how Flocke went out. It was a grand duel between him and Jack, as it should have been. But then Kate (Who even likes Kate???) shows up out of nowhere and pops him in the back. That's about as lame as throwing a Sith Lord down a space station shaft. I propose Sawyer killing him instead. First, Sawyer has always been an antagonistic buddy of Doc.…

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  • Clayburn

    Jack Blows!

    April 21, 2010 by Clayburn
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  • Clayburn

    Your number

    April 16, 2010 by Clayburn

    So, if you were a candidate, what would your number be? Keep in mind that it only matters if it's one of THE numbers. Just because you like 7 might mean that you'd be 7, but it would also mean you'd be crossed out.

    I'm turning 23 next month, but I really dislike that number. So, I would hope that wouldn't be me. I feel like I'd be 4. Thinking back in my past, that was my early favorite number. I liked the purple 4 ball in a game of pool (billiards). My school bus was number 24, and I would pretend that the odds were the bad guys, and bus #4 was one of my main allies for no reason at all. When I need to think of a random number that would be too high to make sense in context, but exact enough to seem accurate, I'd go with 84. There …

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  • Clayburn

    Lostiness in Real Life

    April 8, 2010 by Clayburn

    I love encountering elements of LOST in real life. For instance, the adding machines in New York City taxi cabs sound like the Smoke Monster approaching. It makes me feel like running away when a cab pulls up and lets someone out nearby.

    Today, I got on the elevator and hit 8, as that's the floor I live on. Then, I stopped at the 4th floor, where there was a bulletin board in view as the doors open that had an island on it. A guy got on and hit 15. I got back to my apartment to type this and noticed it says on here that I've made 42 edits. I'll also be 23 years old in 15 days (16 if you count today). Whoa!!!

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