• Clarkcent

    There is one very interesting theory presented at the beginning of Marc Oromaner's most recent (and otherwise terrible) blog entry, which basically states that time jumps (as seen in the first few episodes of the 5th season of Lost) may be caused when an unstuck character (i.e. John Locke) mentions another point in time (i.e. his own birth) to a non-traveling character (i.e. Richard Alpert circa 1954). This theory (I like to call it "Marc's Razor") makes a lot of sense if you look at the first four time jumps (see Timeline:Post-moving). They are as follows:

    Jump 1) Locke tells Ethan that he is the Others' leader from the future and within moments he jumps.

    Jump 2) Locke discusses with Alpert what needs to be done the next time they meet (in …

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